Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I heard my song on the Internet last night...

I happened to tune into the radio show at just the right time.  They played my version of "Yesterday Once More" by The Carpenters.  It was fun listening and watching the comments in the chat.  Of course, that could also go the other way, if people didn't like the song, for instance.  But everyone had nice things to say, so that was good.

Yesterday, I read about the anchor who had a mammogram on television and discovered she has cancer.  It made me think I should get a mammogram, but when I went to the TRICARE site to see how to arrange one, the damn thing got all hung up and I had to "force quit".  I took it as a sign that I don't need to get my boobs squashed.

Someone on RfM started a nice thread in honor of Veteran's Day and some troll who served in the Army for four years during peace time basically said that people in the military were a step above welfare recipients.

On Labor Day we just hear more about the military. I'm telling you folks, Americans have been brainwashed about how glorified the military people are. A large percentage of the military force is made up of young, physically healthy people whose families have done them wrong, have slight mental problems, a slight disregard for the value of life, and a slight fascination with death. I worked alongside these people for 4 years. Other servicemembers are young men supporting their young wives & young families. Quite a few alcoholics in the military too. It's a giant government welfare system where people show up to work every day and rely on the govt to provide for everything they need.

Not to dump cold water all over Veterans' Day. Just keeping it all in perspective.

Yes I'm grateful to have "served," and I'm grateful for all others who "serve," but really I'm a lot more grateful for grocery stores, houses, and clean water.

You know, I will be the first to admit that the military system offers a lot of perks that other people don't get.  Yes, we get "free" healthcare, though it can be a pain in the ass to access it.  Yes, we have AAFES and the commissary.  AAFES isn't so great, though you do get to buy things tax free there.  On the other hand, I don't know that the prices are better than, say, Amazon.  The commissary offers better prices, but isn't always the nicest place to shop.   On the other hand, it beats our local HEB, which is like a Wal-Mart clone.  In a way, the military system is kind of like socialism.  But no one forces anyone in the military to access the "perks".  I also don't understand why the person who wrote the above comment feels the need to crap all over a nice Veteran's Day post.  If you want to bitch about the military, do it in your own fucking post, not on someone's nice "thank you" post.

Here's a random thought.  Do you ever think about at what point your birthday cake can't handle another candle?  I mean, when you're a kid, they add another candle.  At what point does adding another candle become too cumbersome?  At age 12?  Later?  Obviously, I have too much time on my hands if I'm thinking about this kind of shit.


  1. I'm not surprisd that the listeners liked your "Yesterday Once More."

    I read that post at RFM. I wondered exactly what the woman's problem was.

    I dn't know how a mammogram would even work with boobs the size of mine. As my mom has described it, you essentially place your boob on a small platform to be smashed by a machine. I would have MAYBE an inch of tissue for the machine to smash. My mom said she was about my size at my age, and she has boobs that can at least undergo a mammogram now, so there is probably hope for me in the long run, but right now it would be , I suspect, an exercise in futility.

    1. Yeah, it's sad when people feel the need to be contentious on a thread that is meant to be happy.

      I happen to be very well endowed, as is my mom and my three sisters (the three of whom are thin). Even my size four sister has boobs.


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