Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween aftermath...

We weren't sure if we were going to have many trick or treaters last night.  They started showing up at about 6:30 or so, as we were having dinner.  I couldn't count how many we had… maybe thirty kids or so?  Some of them were suspiciously old.  They came in a stream over the course of about 90 minutes or so.  We still have plenty of candy left.

Today, I started off my day by writing an article about Four Bitchin' Babes, which is a great musical ensemble, especially for women who have hit their forties or more.  In the midst of writing the article, it occurred to me that a small area on my gum is bothering me.  I took some Advil and the irritation was less noticeable.  Still, after all the dental crap I've been dealing with lately, this is annoying.  I hope it's just a minor abrasion from flossing or brushing too hard.  I can't deal with more dental drama right now… probably can't afford it, either, since the damn dental insurance company gives people such a pain about paying claims.

I ordered a WaterPik from Amazon; hopefully, that will help me keep a cleaner mouth.  Actually, the dentist and the hygienist both commented on how well I take care of my teeth.  But yet, I have reached middle age and they're starting to turn on me.

I was thinking about following up my "fat shaming kids on Halloween" post, but don't really feel like it right now.  Bill is going to be gone all next week; maybe I'll write something passionate next week while he's gone.  I hate it when he travels without me.

This morning, I thought I'd revisit my classical roots and practice an aria I used to sing when I was in college.  It took some doing, since I haven't been singing a lot of classical stuff lately.  Pop music, for me at least, uses a totally different voice.  I finally quit trying to get the aria just right when I realized it was time for lunch and singing after eating is not so easy.

ETA… I finally finished it.  It sounds better in person.  I need a sound engineer.

I'm feeling a little wistful today… like maybe I'd like to go back to bed and read a nice book or something while snuggling with my dogs.  Every so often, I feel a little blue.  

I think I need another trip… a change of scenery to remind me that there's a world out there beyond this subdivision.  Bill came home last night and told me he works with a man who has property outside of San Antonio that has 27 acres of land and rents for less than what we're paying in this subdivision.  Though I don't like mowing enormous lawns, I do cherish privacy.  Today, the JWs came by again, reminding me that there's liable to be people bugging me all the time when I live a few feet away from my neighbors.

This song seems particularly appropriate today...

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