Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cops are really crawling up peoples' asses these days...

I was kind of on a roll yesterday, finding things on the Internet to discuss.  Last night, just before Bill and I went to bed, I found a very disturbing video about a man in New Mexico named David Eckert.  It seems that Mr. Eckert was stopped on January 3, 2013 for failing to yield at a stop sign in southern New Mexico.  He got pulled over by the cops.

The cops' drug dog apparently alerted and one of the cops thought Eckert looked like he was clenching his butt cheeks.  So they arrested him and got a search warrant to do an anal cavity search.  He was taken to a local hospital, but the doctor on duty wisely declined to do the necessary procedure.  So the cops took him to Gila Regional Medical Center, where Eckert was given a cavity search, x-rays, three enemas, and a colonoscopy, none of which showed any evidence that he was hiding narcotics.

Then, to add insult to injury, he was billed for these illegal search procedures that he never consented to.  Naturally, he's gotten himself a lawyer and is suing.  I hope he wins.  I think he will, too, since the search warrant was not issued for the county where Eckert endured his humiliating ordeal and it had already expired by the time the doctors did their anal probing.

I actually stumbled across this news last night while reading up on a New Mexico woman who was stopped for speeding.  For some reason, she was not cooperative with the police and the traffic stop turned into cops firing three rounds into the back of her minivan, where her five kids aged 6-18 were sitting.

Why this woman wasn't cooperative, I will never know.  But I don't think it will bode well for the cops firing their weapons into the woman's minivan.  It's a bizarre situation all around.

And finally, this has nothing to do with the cops (yet anyway), but it is pretty damn funny…

He bought a house right next to his ex wife's and erected a giant middle finger statue.  Apparently, his ex wife was having an affair and her daughter posted crap on Twitter.  So, he's getting even with his art.  What he's doing is not illegal, although it wouldn't surprise me if his actions prompted legislation.  I mean, imagine what people living next door to certain politicians could do if they voted the wrong way…

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