Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cave dwellers among us...

All this chatter about Maria Kang has brought out multiple blog posts and news articles about the hot mom.  I have already blogged about her three times, so let me just state that this post is not about Maria Kang and her "smokin' hot" bod.  Instead, this post is about how many cave dwellers there are in our midst.

I really shouldn't read the comments that people post on news articles because they generally make me sad for humanity.  Whenever someone raises hell about body image and gets people all upset, there's a chorus of shitty comments from people who see it as their right to make shaming comments to people they think are too fat.  They often do this under the guise of wanting to encourage people to be "healthy".  However, I think the truth is, they don't give a shit about other peoples' health.  What they care about is being confronted by the sight of people they don't find attractive and wish would go away.

Our society seems to be full of narcissistic people who only seem to care about that which makes their crotches stir.  And so, when someone like Maria Kang becomes an Internet star, we get comments from these cave dweller types that range from "I'd tap that" to "The truth hurts, 'fatties'."  Why is it okay for people to make such superficial, shallow comments and judgments about other human beings?  And honestly, it makes me wonder how they ended up being so callous.

I mean, were their parents like this?  Who taught them it was acceptable to be so shitty?  I read another awful post about a blogger who wrote about five reasons why it pays to date a woman with an eating disorder…  My God, if the article itself, and the comments that came with it, and the article criticizing weren't enough to make me completely lose faith in other humans, I don't know what would be.

I think the next time anyone dares tell me they think I'm too heavy, I'm going to tell them I think they smell bad and their nose is ugly.  And I'm only telling them because I'm concerned about their health.

Check out these cave dwelling comments…  I didn't edit any of them.  Basically, all a lot of men care about is if you're fuckable and they want to "tap that".  They don't care about health.  They care about whether or not the women around them are pleasing to look at and make their crotches twitch.  These are just a few of the things people have to say about those they don't think are fuckable…  A few bring up health, but let's face it.  They don't give a damn about the health of the stranger next to them… it's about being offended by those who don't meet their "smokin' hot" standards.

Ask any guy. Who'd you rather date, an anorexic or an obese woman? You can encourage an anorexic and help her get over her issues. An obese woman? Far more challenging.

Bottom line? We dont care whaat your opinion is. Dont try to ban free speech. You females have already destroyed this country and guess what? We are taking it back. The fun is just starting. Now shut up and woman up!

No, you're not entitled to your useless opinion: there's no "free speech" right for the misogynist ones like you and for anyone else who expresses a discriminatory opinion. You sexist, homophobic, racist #$%$ just have to shut up: indeed, you better kill yourself, so we can free this planet from some oxygen thief.
There's some truth to it though-- the unattractive, insecure women are easy because they're desperate. Guys know this.

Those "women" actually care about their appearance which arrogant men such as myself appreciate.

Shes right...people in this country are just so damn lazy they dont wanna put the work in to look decent and when they see someone with the dicipline to maintain a healthy and sexy body they get jealous. Come on leave her alone she is seriously raising a real concern in this country

Dont worry ladies all my married friends who have fat wives all cheat... Do you think a successful man is going to sleep with a fat cow every night even though they had kids with that cow

People want to breed with fit people. Nobody wants to breed with a fat cull.

H.E.L.L. YEAH Maria Kang! Keep doing what you're doing. All the fat-a(s)(s) moms and dads out there are going to hate no matter what, it's easier for them to hate and make excuses than workout.

I am jealous of her husband.
He gets to spend every night with her.

We are normalizing fat piles! A fit woman posts a picture of the product of her hard work and she is "self absorbed". A fat chick posts a picture and she's "brave"! Fat people suck.

She is correct...fat people need to go.

face book banned a good looking mom for being healthy?yet i can be overrun with unwanted sex ads?i guess out of shape women CARRY A LOT OF WIEGHT around here

These "plus-sized" women are just overweight and should just exercise and diet. Stop buying into the marketing ploy that your obesity is OK. It's not about looks,it's about maintaining good health.

Hey fat ladies, she's hot and you're not. Stop complaining.

Fat people hate everything except cheeseburgers. 
These fat, lazy broads kill me. Bunch of haters! Lady Kang can mommy me anytime she wants. Enough with the fast food and bad excuses ladies. Get your #$%$ in shape. It's embarrassing!

Hit her in the fart box.

She is smoken hot i want to poke her in the popper 

I'm a drunk and I manage to work out every day so I don't look like those disgusting fatties. Rather be dead than fat or qveer.

People who are offended by this, are offended by themselves. Dont like yourself? Change, or learn to like yourself. Dont let what other people do make you be a negative, complaining little nancy, though. 
Fat people need to know that the way they're living isn't okay, ESPECIALLY with the fact that we share in healthcare costs now. I pay the same amount in insurance as a fat person when I never utilize the hospital to treat diabetes, heart problems, etc because I keep myself healthy? That's some #$%$' #$%$.  

Don't make the fatties feel bad.

Fat people need to quit eating so much and get out and exercise. And grow thicker skin, they are sooooo sensitive about their fatness.

We all know what beautiful is and fat is not beautiful.

People are beautiful...fat however is not beautiful.

I doubt most people, even fat people think that fat is beautiful. If you're fat, it's probably because you're eating too much #$%$ and exercising too little or not at all. It has been proven that exercise and good eating brings good health and slimmer body.

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