Friday, November 8, 2013

Bill is on his way home...

And I will be glad to see him.  It's been a long week of pain, loneliness, and despair…

Just kidding.  It hasn't been that bad, really.  I do miss Bill when he's gone, though.  I hate it when he has to spend whole work weeks away, even though it gives me a chance to appreciate him more.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder.  Bill is one of the few people that I never get tired of being with, though I will admit it is easier to make music when he's not around.  I feel self-conscious singing when he's home, even though he doesn't mind listening to me.

My gum is not bugging me at the moment.  I took two Advil PMs last night and a regular Advil and a Tylenol this morning.  I took this morning's dose before I had any pain in the hopes that I will ward off discomfort.  This particular issue is odd because the pain is rather slight and intermittent.  At some times, it doesn't bother me at all.  Other times, it's maddening, though I can't say it's excruciating or anything.  But obviously, since I have blogged about it for a week straight, something needs to be done so I can get back to bitching about other things.

Over the past week, I have experimented with oil pulling, hydrogen peroxide rinses, WaterPik, and clove oil.  I can say that each of these methods have worked to some extent.  Oil pulling has been the biggest surprise so far.  It's not very pleasant and I can't do it for as long as is recommended, but I can say that it seems to soothe my gum when it's really annoying.

Hydrogen peroxide rinses I remember from my youth, when I went through a phase of brushing with it and baking soda.  It tastes nasty and too much is not so good for the teeth… can make them sensitive.  But a little bit does seem to clean the mouth and relieve some of the discomfort.  It kills germs and cuts down on the nastiness of morning breath.

The WaterPik is a bit of a mess.  I need to get used to using it.  But I do like the sonic toothbrush that came with it.  I'm not sure it does that much of a better job than manual brushing and flossing does, but it feels good on my teeth.

Clove oil seems to kill pain on contact.  Granted, my pain isn't really horrible at this point, but it does seem to slay the sting a bit.  Smells good, too.

I have read that vanilla extract is also good for dental pain as is raw garlic.  Hopefully, I won't be desperate enough to find out before next week.  At least I like the dentist as a person… even if I am gonna owe her big bucks if this keeps up.  I hope I don't need anything major done, though if I do, then  I can bitch about the fact that she told me when I got my cleaning that my teeth looked fine.

A year ago, we were on our way to Scotland, but on the verge of losing our beloved MacGregor.  This year, we're staying home and I have dental issues, but at least no one's dying… that I'm aware of, anyway.

Anyway, now we have a long weekend.  Wish we were doing something exciting with it.


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