Saturday, November 9, 2013

Aw damn...

I remember seeing this when I was six years old and bawling my eyes out.  Little did I know that many years later, I'd rescue beagles…

This movie also has the distinction of being entertainment for my husband's two daughters the ONE time they visited us in 2003…  I happen to have a copy on VHS, but I'm a whore with low standards, so I wasn't good enough to be a stepmother to my husband's kids.

But their mother, who fucks everything that moves is a good role model…

Sorry, a little bitter for a second.  ;-)  Actually, it's nice to see this movie again without having to pull out my VCR.  Snoopy Come Home is probably my favorite Peanuts movie.


  1. It's the stepdaughters' loss.

    I like "Snoopy, Come Home," but my favorite Peanuts movie is "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown." I love it when Charlie borwn doesn't know the meaning of Christmas and Linus recites the King James version of St. Luke's account of The Nativity.

  2. I love most of the Peanuts movies… But none of them made me cry like Snoopy Come Home.

    I agree that Bill's ex kids missed out… maybe not on knowing me, but definitely on knowing Bill.

  3. They missed out on knowing the bothe both you, although a step-relationship seems to be inherently more conflicted, and it's conflict that you didn't need.

    I adore beagles almost as much as I love golden retrievers.


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