Friday, November 15, 2013

11 years...

Bill and me on SeaDream I for our 9th anniversary…


Bill and me on Hebridean Princess for our 10th anniversary…

Tomorrow night, we're going out for French food.  I fully intend to write a post about the new restaurant on my travel blog.  I'd like to be able to be writing about one of our epic trips, but this year it wasn't in the cards.  Maybe soon we will be getting out again.  I know I have the itch, even if it just means visiting Austin.  I also found a Belgian place I am dying to try.  I didn't mean for my travel blog to turn into a restaurant blog, though.

This morning, I visited the dentist again, who told me the tooth that was bugging me last week is okay. I somehow injured the gum tissue, but it seems to be healed now.  She did, however, take photos of my cracked molar.  That was pretty disturbing to see.  There are cracks on both sides of the tooth, as well as a small crack next to the larger one.  I had her take the photos so I can get pre-authorization to get this tooth fixed and hopefully avoid the dental insurance drama caused by the most recent crown.

It occurs to me that I must seem really neurotic to most people reading this blog.  I will freely admit that I am a bit on the neurotic side, but I come by it honestly.

In other news, this critter has taken up residence in the back yard.


Tonight, we're going to a "hail and farewell".  That's a military custom for when people come and go from military installations.  Bill had an impromptu one at work not long after we got to Texas, but apparently one of his co-workers is throwing a party tonight.  Should be fun.  Hopefully, I won't say or do anything embarrassing.


  1. Congrats to you nd the Lt. Col. on eleven years. That's a major accomplishment. I'm very glad that you found one another, as you both deserve the happiness that you bring to each other.

    At the risk of seeming anti- Kingdom Animalia.

    If you say or do anything embarrassing, which is, I suspect, unlikely, just blame it on the booze. Have a good time.

    I do not care much for your backyard resident.

    1. I will be posting about tonight's festivities tomorrow. It was an interesting evening… and rather fun, though I did feel sorry for the host's 6 month old boxer.

      As for Bill and me, we are very lucky to be with each other. I realized that especially tonight.

  2. Thanks Kent. I trust I won't need the services of the likes of you… but it's good that you're around for those who do.


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