Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well... well... well...

My husband's ex daughter got her mission call... And... gotta say, I am not surprised by where she was "called" to go...

Three guesses?  Come on, I dare you...  Alexis, you are all over it.


  1. My guess is Temple Square.

    P.S. How did you find out so quickly?

  2. Second guess would be Boise, Idaho. Third guess would be Visitors' Center at the Temple in Laie, Hawaii. You didn't offer a fourth choice, but my fourth would be in the Canadian maritimes, say Halifax or PEI, although I don't know if those are in the same mission or not.

    But my money would go heavily on Temple Square.

    1. She's not "hot" enough for Temple Square. However, you are right that she's not leaving the Morridor.

  3. Or god forbids.... Houston, TX! XoD


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