Saturday, October 19, 2013

These men are IDIOTS...

These jerkoff Boy Scouts Masters decided to vandalize an ancient rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah under the guise of "protecting" kids from the chance the top would fall and "hurt someone".  It took millions of years for that structure to form and they ruined it in less than a minute.  Looks to me like they just wanted to trash something and have a bonding moment.  Here's an article about what they did.

Didn't they learn to leave nature the way they found it?  Asswipes!  I hope they get charged and have to pay a big fine for fucking up the park.


Bill's meme is funnier than mine is...

And... the plot thickens.  These guys now complain that they are getting death threats.  And the one that pushed the rock supposedly filed a personal injury lawsuit a few weeks ago, claiming disability.  They need a good smiting.  This asshole obviously wasn't hurt that badly.

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