Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sex sells...

Have you seen these ads?

They're for Liquid Plumr.  And they're all about sex.  The first one features a "hot" looking plumber who says he only needs seven minutes to do his "thang".  The second one is for a product called "double impact" and features two hottie plumbers helping the housewife with her "needs".

These ads are supposed to be cute and funny and I'm sure they've sold a lot of Liquid Plumr or they wouldn't keep making them.  Still, I have to wonder what kind of depraved mind came up with the concept of sex to sell remedies for clogged pipes.  I bet it was a man.  I guess I don't really find the ads offensive... I just puzzle as to how plumbing products can be made sexy.

In other news, have you seen this video yet?

I read about it on Huffington Post.  I betcha she'll be recruited when she comes back to the United States.  This video definitely shows off her creativity in a big way!

Well whaddya know?  Queen Latifah has offered Marina a job!  I knew it!

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  1. Her moves are pretty good.

    I thought it was a bit silly when the a capella group with which i was affiliated used as thier slogan, "We make a capella sexy." That's actually far less stupid than equating clogged plumbing with sexiness.

    My headache is almost gone, but I have a piano lesson across campus in slightly under seven hours. After that I can sleep until I'm teaching two of my piano studnts at 1:00 and 1:30, and accompanying/coaching a vocalist for fifty minutes at 2:00.

    1. I guess they figure housewives are bored and need something to stimulate them as they do mundane chores like bust up hair clogs in the sink. The guys in those ads aren't all that appealing to me, though... they are a little too "metro". I like my men less pretty.

      I like the way that woman quit her job. She has a Web site and appears to be a pretty cool person who may be going places. If you check out her You Tube channel, you'll see her doing stand up comedy. Of course, she also waits tables.