Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Planning our next move...

Yes, I am.  I am actually planning our next move not three months after our last move.  I have several reasons for already wanting to move.

1.  I hate the property managers.  Before we moved to San Antonio, I read about the company that manages this property.  They got horrible reviews.  I tried hard not to rent a house through them and we signed a lease with a different company.  Unfortunately, two weeks into our brand new lease, we got a letter informing us that all the rental accounts with the manager we signed with were acquired by this shitty property management company with terrible reviews.  So we got stuck with them sort of against our will and now we see why people complain about them.

They are very unprofessional in many ways.  I think the one way they are unprofessional that pisses me off the most is the way they address Bill and me... using our formal given names as if we had ever given them permission to do so, and writing very condescending letters, emails, and "tenant guides".

Yesterday, we got a bill for the plumber who visited us six weeks ago because we thought we had no hot water in the kitchen.  We came to this conclusion after letting the water run for several minutes and not getting hot water.  The plumber thought the cartridge in the faucet was broken, but actually it just takes forever to get hot water.  I guess that's a lesson for us to let the water run for five minutes before we assume something is wrong.  Meanwhile, we'll waste precious water and run up our bill.

The property managers sent us a shitty letter telling us it was "our responsibility to check".  We did check.  I have just never lived anywhere where it takes fucking three minutes to get hot water in the kitchen.  Anyway, now we have to pay $80... and that's just a sign of more nickel and diming to come, I'm sure.  Also, the garage door was supposed to be fixed for us, but now it looks like it never will be.  We were told they would fix it, but the property managers say that the owner has an option NOT to fix it.  And he probably won't.

2.  I hate the neighborhood we live in.  Maybe "hate" is too strong a word.  It's not the worst place I've ever lived, but it's kind of a shitty neighborhood.  There's a house a few doors down where it looks like a bunch of transients live.  It's trashed and there are cars everywhere and trash all over the place.  I hate the fact that all the houses look the same and there are no trees.  I hate having neighbors on either side of us and constantly worrying about our dogs or speaking too loudly in the backyard.  Yes, we have a pool, but it's surrounded by nasty rubber mulch.  I miss having trees and PRIVACY.

3. I hate this house.  Again, I have lived in worse places, but this house has nasty carpets and walls.  The people who lived here before us trashed the place and it wasn't very well cleaned before we moved in...

The condition of the air filters when we moved in in August...

Bill took a lot of photos of the condition of the house when we moved in.  I have a feeling we will need them, because the property managers managing this house are notorious for screwing people out of their security deposits and this house has a lot of problems.

The people who lived here before us and got evicted were apparently shitheads.  They never turned on the gas and when we asked the property managers who to call, they sent us to the wrong company.  When we finally found the right one, we were told the gas in this house had not been turned on in a couple of years.  So when we actually moved into this house, we had NO hot water at all, nor could the managers tell us where to go to get hot water.  We had to figure that out for ourselves.  I guess the shitheads who lived here before us bathed in the pool.  We did see a lot of evidence that they ate microwavable food a lot.  There were many microwave pizza containers tossed in the backyard as well as aluminum foil and paper plates.

We moved into this home because the first one we applied for, managed by another company, was rented to another couple who probably didn't have dogs.  We didn't have the chance to do a lot of house hunting, despite our week here in July.  Even if we stay in San Antonio and continue to rent, we'd rather live in a different part of town in a house that is smaller, more economical, and most importantly, managed by someone else.

4. I didn't plan to live in this house longer than a year anyway.  At this point, we don't know if we are staying in San Antonio after Bill retires.  I probably wouldn't mind staying in this city, but I am tired of being a tenant and would like to live in my own house.  However, given a choice, there are other places Bill and I would rather live.  If he can get a job in Europe, we are definitely there.  I don't want to be a landlord myself, so I don't want to make plans to buy a home until we know we'll be staying awhile.  But if we can leave, I'd be all for it.  I'd rather live somewhere that has four true seasons.  I also prefer a neighborhood that isn't a cookie cutter subdivision.

5. I was livid when I got that bill...  And I called up the property managers and went off.  But I realize now that in the grand scheme of things, it's $80.  We'll pay the bill and just start making plans to get out of here in nine months while trying hard not to make any repair requests.  It's liable to be an aggravating nine months, but it's not the end of the world.  At least the Army will move us one last time and we have time to get our shit together and GTFO.  And really, as pissed as the bill and the accompanying condescending letter got me, there are worse things in life.  This, too, will pass.

Just more of an incentive to write more.  ETA:  I just joined the Texas Tenant Union.  It's $30 for a year, but if they can help us protect ourselves, it'll be money well spent.


  1. It would seem a bit crazy to stay with these property managers for much longer than you absolutely had to stay.

    1. Well, I was much less pissed about the $80 than I was about the condescending, threatening tone of the letter that accompanied the bill. I want to tell them that whoever writes these letters could use a workshop on how not to alienate people. But I am sure that they deal with plenty of shitheads in their business and it's just easier to assume we're all like that.

      That's what made our property managers in North Carolina so much better. It was a much smaller market and they got to know us and realized we weren't irresponsible people. This property management group is part of a huge realty business and it's very impersonal, yet quite inept.

      I would rather not have to use our last Army move to go to another rental, but if we have to do that to get away from these asswipes, we'll do it.


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