Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not interested in Halloween...

Now that we live in a subdivision, I suppose we should get some candy to have on hand for the trick or treaters who will no doubt be prowling the streets tomorrow night.  There was a time when I liked having them come to the door.  Now that I'm older and grumpier, the prospect of having kids ring my doorbell kind of fills me with annoyance.  If we didn't have dogs, I might feel differently.  But I know they are going to go nuts wanting to greet everyone.

When we lived in North Carolina, it was a sure bet no one would be trick or treating at our house.  We lived in a very rural area with no neighbors particularly close to us.  It was the same thing when we lived in Georgia.  Our driveway was about a half mile long.  In Germany, we did get a couple of trick or treaters, but since we didn't know if people in Germany celebrated Halloween, we weren't prepared. Actually, not that many people do celebrate it there…  The first year, we were in a hotel on Halloween.

So this means that for the first time since 2006, we will probably have a number of trick or treaters coming by.  Or maybe not…  In any case, I told Bill to get some candy so we won't be the cranks who aren't prepared. And if no one comes to the house, we can always save the candy for when Aunt Flow visits.

Or maybe we should just go out to dinner instead.

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