Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm detecting a foul odor...

I am a big fan of the Web site,  Yesterday, the site featured a hilarious note neatly written by a fed up college student forced to room with a fellow student whose hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.  It was so funny, I had to send it to one of my sisters, who shares my love of snark.  She wrote back and agreed that it was quite funny... and in fact, she probably could have written it herself.  My sister has no issues expressing herself.  She lives in northern Virginia and has been there for a long time.  She has no problems being rude.

Bill has today and Monday off.  Originally, he was going to fly to Miami on business for next week, but the government shutdown thwarted those plans.  He's happy because he hates going TDY when I can't go with him.  He gets bored.  So do I when he's gone, though accompanying him basically means I get to hang out in a hotel all day until he's done working.  The exception to this was the summer of 2012, when we went to Virginia.  I visited my parents and shopped at the outlets in Williamsburg while he worked.

We did get paid today, which is a good thing.  A lot of my friends who are affected by the shutdown are not so lucky.  I just read an article about that on the Washington Post's Web site.  I sure hope the government unfucks this situation sooner rather than later.

Reading that note on reminded me of dorm life and how glad I am I no longer have to endure it.  On the other hand, I realize I was lucky to get to go to college at all and if having a stinky roommate is the worst of my problems, I'm damn lucky.  Still, I don't like communal living.  It's stressful.

I hated apartment living, too.  Too much noise and pot smoking from my neighbors... and too many shitheads prowling the parking lots, looking for CD players to steal.  That happened to me when we lived in Fredericksburg.  What sucked was that the crooks who did it only ended up vandalizing my car.  There was nothing in there for them to steal.  I don't leave stuff in my car and they were not successful in tearing out the CD player.  I drove a Toyota Corolla at the time and getting the CD player out meant having to remove the whole front panel of the dash.

I remember how violated I felt when that happened and how I wanted to find the people who did it.  Of course, they were never caught.  We got the car fixed, courtesy of good ol' USAA, and then a few years later traded that car in for the trusty RAV4 my husband now drives.

In all seriousness, I watched that video I made for Bill again last night and realized that our lives are pretty good.  The last eleven years have mostly been great, despite all the shit with his ex and the crappy apartment we lived in at first... and the crazy Army neighbors we had for a few years.  It's only getting better.

I bitch a lot, but I do realize that things can always get much worse.  Wow... I just realized that this post went in a totally different direction from where it started.  I'll probably post again later when my thoughts are more coherent.

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