Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How I spent my Tuesday...

I did some housework, wrote an Epinions review on one of the products I own and managed to find in the database, and wrote a blog post for PopRockNation.  Then I decided to make use of my Creative Cloud membership by playing around with Audition, which is one of Adobe's products.  You use it to make recordings.  Frankly, I think Garage Band is much simpler to use, but it doesn't have some of the functionality I was looking for.  Specifically, I wanted to turn down the vocals on a track so I might give the song a whirl myself.

It worked okay, but then I decided I'd rather record a version that didn't have extremely quiet lead vocals in it.  The vocals are distracting, yet not loud enough that I could actually match the singer.  So I found a karaoke version of the song I wanted to sing... an old standard called "Here's To Life", which I first heard on a CD of Higher Ground, a concert at Lincoln Center in New York City intended to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims.  The version I'm most familiar with was done by The Jordan Family of New Orleans, who at the time the concert was put on, were still missing a family member.  Listen to the NPR interview I linked to to hear more about their Katrina ordeal.

Anyway, I bought the album back when it first came out and was really moved by their jazzy interpretation of the song, "Here's To Life".  It was especially poignant, given the fact that they were still wondering where one of their family members was when they performed this piece.

When I hear this song, it makes me feel kind of wistful.  So I spent a couple of hours recording it.  It turned out reasonably decently, I think.  I suppose I could have been doing something more constructive or profitable, but I've been in a music making mood lately.  I would put this on my music blog, but I've already posted there today and this seemed better here.  



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