Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting legit.

The past two days, Bill and I have been working on getting our cars and driver's licenses straightened out.  Four years ago, we got licenses in Georgia when we moved back to the States after our time in Germany.  Our German licenses, by the way, only just expired a year ago.  We got them in 2007.  When we moved to North Carolina in 2011, we didn't bother getting new licenses because as military folks, we didn't have to…  and in North Carolina, they make you take a written test.  We did get new license plates, though, which we just replaced with Texas plates yesterday.

Our experience getting licensed in Texas is ongoing.  I managed to succeed to complete the process, but Bill has to go back because he lacked an official document bearing his Social Security number.  All government issued IDs have done away with Social Security numbers, so you have to bring the card or an acceptable document with the number on it.  By sheer luck, as I was going through all the shit we moved to Texas, I managed to find my Social Security cards and put them in my purse.  I am still looking for my college diplomas, by the way…

So you have to have a passport (or some other official document that verifies your citizenship), utility bills (or some other official document that verifies that you live in Texas), a document with your Social Security number on it, so they can make you sure don't owe child support or haven't dodged Selective Service, and proof of insurance.  Because we are military, there were a couple of documents we didn't have to produce…  but really, it was pretty exhaustive and exhausting!  Texas has quite the bureaucracy going on.

The lady who issued my license was very nice, though I could see her lacy black bra poking out through her polo shirt.  She managed to get a really pretty photo of me for the license, which will be mailed to me in the next week to ten days.

Bill still has to go back to the driver's license office to get his made.  He's leaving me at home.  I have to say, it was very interesting to hang out in the lobby of the office.  A whole lot of people came in and out… people from every walk of life.  There were a lot of young people in there, getting their very first licenses.  Some of them had interesting hairstyles and made weird fashion statements.  There was a guy in front of me who had a four inch afro and pants falling off his ass.

Looks like the Texas driver's license exam involves doing a driving test with a cop.  That would make me nervous.  In Virginia, an old guy rode in the front seat with me and had me drive around the block.  I don't think I even had to parallel park.  But I did have to go to court and get lectured by a judge about speeding (it was required of all new drivers).

It's good to have a license and tags that match my state of residence.  It was weird to have a Georgia license, North Carolina tags, and a Texas address.


In other news, yesterday, I found evidence that this house has a rodent problem.  I found droppings by the grill.  That's just fucking great.


  1. I would have to move back to the loony bin if we found a mouse in our house.

    1. I haven't seen one IN the house… just outside of the house. But it wouldn't surprise me if we did have them in the house, too.

  2. I despise rodents. I wouldn't even want them in my garage. my parents considered moving to San clemente in Orange County, but my parents learned that San Clemente has a major rodent problem and my mom is about as rodent-phobic as I am, so they had to change their plans.

    1. I definitely don't like rodents or other pests, but I grew up in a mouse infested home and working in a barn. Then I lived in Armenia for two years, where rats would provide a side show for people waiting for the metro. Consequently, I have seen many mice and rats in my day. I'd rather they didn't make a home out of my husband's grill, though. He cleaned out a nest and a lot of droppings yesterday. Yuck!


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