Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Confrontational jackasses...

I'm not sure how I'd react if this woman started yelling at me.  I might either drive away or call the police.  Or maybe I'd match her in her confrontation skills…


This guy is on his way to the big house.


  1. They're both jackasses for sure. the lady is batshit crazy in addition to being an asshole. They guy reminds me of the bastard who wanted to sexually assault me but couldn't maintin thw state of arousal needed. My brother wanted to have one of his friends bet the guy up, and I would have liked to say yes, but I was concerned the system might be a bit more lenient with him if he had been assaulted. physical violence sickens me even if it is somewhat deserved. Verbal retaliation, however, does not sicken me. I would love to hear you take on the crazy woman.

  2. I had a German friend play the first video and she actually agreed with the crazy woman. I should have figured. In Germany, it's illegal to idle you car longer than about 30 seconds. Still, if I had been the mother of the kid, I would have been upset that the woman was using that language in front of my kid, even though I probably would have done it myself many times! LOL...

    The guy going to prison sounds like he just doesn't care anymore. That kind of person is very scary. He has nothing left to lose and doesn't care what the judge does to him.


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