Monday, October 28, 2013


Last night, Bill and I went to North Star Mall and had dinner with his mom at The Cheesecake Factory.    I don't usually enjoy chain restaurants in malls, but I had a hankering for cheesecake and that is one thing The Cheesecake Factory does well.  I have only eaten at The Cheesecake Factory three times in my lifetime and the food has always been good.  However, all three times I've gone, it's been very noisy and crowded.  Last night, the noise level in that restaurant was insane.  There were two large parties seated near us and two screaming babies on the other side of us.  We did get good service, though, from a very friendly waiter.

I started with a blueberry mojito… Curiously, it was prepared with Stoli vodka instead of rum.  It tasted pretty good, though.

Then I had chicken…  I finished the asparagus, half of the potatoes, and one of the pieces of chicken.  It was good, but I wanted dessert.

Bill also had chicken… his dish was Moroccan inspired.

Mother-in-law stuck with a crab cake appetizer, which she pronounced very good.

30th anniversary cheesecake… This was sinful and I still have some for today.

Bill went with Godiva chocolate cheesecake...

Mother-in-law had dulce de leche cheesecake, which was surprisingly good.  

Bill and Mother-in-law started chatting about people and things that I knew nothing about because they involved people I don't know.  I was pretty quiet until the end of the meal, when I gave Bill a nudge.  Bill's mom laughed and apologized for going on and on about stuff that happened way before I came into the picture, then said that Ex once told her that she and Bill should go take a long walk and do all their talking then.  That way, she wouldn't feel like a third wheel.

I laughed wickedly and said, "It would have been funny if you'd fixed your eyes on her large ass and thunder thighs and said, 'I have a better idea.  You need exercise and fresh air much more than we do.  Why don't YOU go take a long walk instead?  Preferably off a short pier or a building!'"

Then, when Ex inevitably got pissed off by MIL's rude comment (which would have been in response to Ex's rude comment), MIL could have said, "Oh, I see you're angry now and have lots of energy!  What better reason to go take a walk! Go burn off some of that baby weight!"

Bill was pretty appalled when MIL told him that his ex wife had suggested that they go take a walk.  There were a lot of things Ex said to Bill's mother that she never told him about because she was too polite.  They are coming to light now, 13 years after Bill's marriage to his Ex ended.  MIL is a lot nicer than I am.  I would have told Ex to go fuck herself.  But I'm classy that way.

Anyway, we had a good time.  Tonight, we're going out to dinner with one of Bill's old friends from high school.  We went out with them a couple of months ago.  They're a lot of fun.


  1. Bill's ex has to be the single biggest buzzkill on the planet.


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