Monday, October 21, 2013

Another visit from mother-in-law...

I invited her over yesterday via Facebook.  She showed up at about 3:00 and we had a delightful afternoon and evening talking, eating, and drinking.  She spent the night and the pooches slept with her, giving Bill and me a welcome night of sleep in a less crowded bed.  We slept in until about 8:15am and then had breakfast together.

At one point a couple of hours after she left, I decided I wanted a big, greasy cheeseburger.  I don't know why.  It was just one of those uncontrollable cravings...  I also felt like having something to put on my travel blog.  So Bill and I had lunch at Chester's Hamburgers, which is a local chain.  I must say it was quite tasty.  Though we didn't drink alcohol at lunch, they do have a nice selection of beers.  You can read about it and see photos on my travel blog.

The weather is gorgeous today, so we sat outside and enjoyed it for awhile.  I wish I had something more interesting to write about... or maybe not.  Last week, I got to write about my "oldest" friend showing her ass.  This week, I have beautiful weather and family visits to write about.  That's not a bad thing... And hey, they government is working again, too!

Watching Who the Bleep Did I Marry on TLC.  So far, there have been at least two episodes featuring deceitful Mormons.

Mormon Madoff...

Thad Roberts...

And this right after those idiot guys who knocked over the ancient rock formation in Utah... after one of them claimed that he had been seriously injured in a car accident four years ago and instigated a personal injury lawsuit...  Interesting theme.


  1. I totally believe you get the best burgers from the local places. We have a place like that in town here that the university students don't really frequent because it's pretty far off the beaten path.

    1. San Antonio apparently has a number of well loved burger places.


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