Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wine free...

I had a nice southern comfort meal of biscuits and gravy last night for dinner.  My cooking skills are eroding because Bill does a lot of the cooking these days.  I probably ought to get on the stick and start making dinner again.  I used to be a great cook.  Anyway, though I was hungry when I started eating, I filled up fast and ended up with leftovers.

My tongue hurt last night and my jaw was sore from where I got the injection.  I was lucky, though, because I found a blog that was full of horror stories from people who ended up with nerve damage after dental work...  Apparently, every time you get dental work done that requires anesthesia, you run the risk of nerve damage if the shot isn't given just right.  For some people, this damage can last for years.  Nerves heal very slowly.

Thankfully, I didn't walk away with any of the problems people have written about on that blog.  I am feeling mostly normal today.  My tongue is a little sore and there's some residual dull pain around the area where the work was done.  I took about 600 milligrams of Advil and two extra strength Tylenol as I watched the finale of America's Got Talent.  I distinctly remember when the pain meds kicked in and suddenly, I wasn't hurting so much...  Not that my pain was really that bad.  I'm just a wimp.

I thought about drinking wine last night.  That's what I often do to distract myself from dental annoyances.  But I decided not to because I didn't feel like drinking.  On the nights I feel that way, I try to oblige myself.  Besides, since I loaded up on Tylenol in the wake of my crown and filling procedures, I figured my liver could use a break.  

After the AGT finale, I got into reading a book written by the husband of a woman with cystic fibrosis. I think it was self-published, but it's actually not bad.  Epinions has done away with "suggest-a-product", so if I review it, I'll have to do it here...

Hell, maybe I'll start yet another blog for book reviews by self-publishing authors.  I read enough books of that ilk.  I might as well, since Epinions seems to be imploding.

Bill comes home tomorrow.  I look forward to seeing him.  I always miss him when he's gone.

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