Monday, September 2, 2013

Today's Facebook chatter...

This morning has been somewhat lively on Facebook.  I posted an article I read on CNN about a man who donated his kidney for his older sister, who was suffering from end stage renal disease.  The kidney was put in a "slush machine" to preserve it until it could be transplanted.  A nurse coming off a break mistakenly though the operation was completed and threw out the contents of the slush machine, including the precious kidney.

The sister later had to settle for another donor kidney, which was not as good of a match or in as good condition as her brother's kidney had been.  In the midst of her three month wait, she had to endure more dialysis and several surgeries.

Naturally, the family sued.  And the hospital, amazingly, expressed their regret that the incident happened.  But they also asked for the suit to be dismissed!  Seriously?  Think of all the people who suffered because of that nurse's error.  There's the guy who donated his kidney that was tossed out in the trash.  There's the poor woman who was suffering with kidney disease.  There's the person who had to wait longer for a donor kidney because the sister was higher on the list.  And there's the nurse who had to live with the fact that she had made such a terrible mistake.  Really, the negligence at that hospital dealt a devastating blow that had ripple effects.  People make mistakes, but that was a mother of a blunder.

Next, I read a blog post by a woman from Ontario who has a lab/husky mixed breed dog.  One day, she was walking her dog and some old bat demanded to know why the dog wasn't muzzled since she was obviously a pit bull!  Then the bitch called the SPCA, who told the blogger that from then on, she had to keep her dog muzzled, even though the dog was not a pit bull.

I think breed bans are ridiculous anyway, even though I have heard the horror stories about pit bulls killing people.  Obviously, there does need to be some recourse when a dog harms someone.  But I think blanket bans are stupid.  It's wrong to punish a whole population for the actions of a few.

I posted about a diary of mine that I kept when I was 18... and posted a photo from that era.  And people who knew me back then had lots to say...  Hmm, maybe I should post about that here, too... now that I've come out of the closet somewhat.

I guess Bill and I will just try to enjoy the day dedicated to the American worker.  Last year, we were at the beach.  Wish we could have gone again this year.


  1. /while some aspects of labor unions are obviously corrupt, the organization oflabor, including, or escpecially including, that of farmworkers, was something that absolutely had to happen. I hate to think what many people's lifestyles would be life without the organization of labor. on the other hand, when the average California State correctional officer makes more than my mother did at the height of her career in a state position that required a doctorate, it's clear that some labor organizations have too many politicians in their back pockets.

    happy labor Day anyway, It was a good idea even if it went a little too in some areas, and even if the Teamsters, under the direction of Jimmy Hoffa, terrified bobby kennedy's little kids by driving around their circular driveway all night one night , honking thier horns and waking up small children and tiny babies, allowing them to get no sleep at all, Even if they were Kennedys, they were still babies and littlevkids.


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