Saturday, September 21, 2013

They say laughter is the best medicine...

I don't watch Ellen myself, but maybe I should...  This clip is hysterical!

Gladys is a woman after my own heart!


  1. I seldom watch Ellen, either, athough I like her. She treats people nicely and manages to bring out the humor in a situation without making others' the butt of jokes. Just as with the elderly lady in this clip, we all thought she was funny, but the general collective thought was probably that the woman, while amusing, was wise in her old age rathr than senile. Ellen seems to bring that out in people, or to choose people in whom she can bring that out and make jokes that are funny but not at the expense of the callers or whomever.

    Ellen probably has very good Karma.

  2. I read Portia De Rossi's book and she said similar things about Ellen... And that Ellen loved her no matter what size she was.


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