Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There went my crown...

Last night, I made the mistake of eating something that was harder than it should have been.  Before I knew it, my temporary crown had shattered.  Now I have to call the dentist again and get another temporary crown made.  While I'm at it, I'll have the dentist take a look at the tooth on the other side of my mouth that is feeling a little suspicious.  It doesn't hurt, really... just feels a little off.  Like maybe if I don't do something about it, it'll soon have problems.

I actually had a little crying jag this morning, though.  The last couple of months have been kind of hard for several different reasons.   The drama with my teeth is sort of the straw that broke the camel's back.  Adjusting to a new place is difficult... and this place is different than most of the other places we've been.

I can't call the dentist until 9:00am, so I guess I'll do some chores.  I'd rather be in bed, but Bill got the dogs up and they went outside and started barking.  I hate it when they do that because now we're in a neighborhood with a bunch of people around and I'm always afraid they'll piss someone off.


  1. Too late now, but I say let the dogs in, then go back to bed. I hope by now your crown has been replaced and your othr tooth has been evaluated and diagnosed if not treated. Take a vicodin and go back to sleep.

  2. I have no vicodin. I got numbed up again and the dentist trimmed a little off the filling. Then the dental assistant seemed to be in a hurry. They had to make two different temporaries because they didn't fit right. Tooth on the other side is cracked like the other one was, but the dentist wants to wait until I get my permanent crown to fix it. It's not quite as bad as the tooth I just got fixed was.

  3. I don't have any Vicodin either, so I'm on no place to talk, but next time you have dental work done, telll them that your teeth tend to give you pain for a week or so after dental work. They'll probably either give you vicodin, tylenol #3 w/ codeinem or at least tramadol. Even if you get vicodin, you're not going to become an addict on sixteen to twenty tablets.

    1. LOL... That sounds like a good plan, Alexis.


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