Sunday, September 8, 2013

So glad I don't work for CPS...

Warning... this video runs for about 27 minutes.  It will probably really infuriate you.  As a social worker, it infuriates me.  I don't know what the educational backgrounds are of these women in the video.  For all I know, they have degrees in the liberal arts.  I don't know if they are actual social workers or if they have licenses...  Indeed, I don't know why they are talking to this father the way they are.

I almost took a job working for CPS in Washington, DC.  I didn't take the job because Bill didn't want me working there and I knew it would be really stressful work.  I like to think I would not behave like these women do.  Indeed, I hate reading the comments on YouTube, because so many of them focus on how fat the woman in purple is.  Lots of men call her filthy names and make obscene comments about her lack of attractiveness.  It kind of makes me lose faith in humanity a little... a lot of people just hate fat people for breathing.

At the same time, I imagine if I were in this man's shoes, I would be pretty furious with the system.  You can read his blog post/explanation here...

I can fault this woman for being very condescending and not being a good listener.  I think a lot of what she says is insulting and she totally ignores this man's right to parent his daughter.  I understand that some of the issues have to with legal proceedings.  Still, it was no reason to be rude to this man, who seems to want nothing more than to take care of his child.

I don't know the mother's side of the story, of course, or the child's... but this video is very unflattering and upsetting.  I hope the right thing was eventually done for this child.

Still, it would also make me feel better if people weren't so hellbent on writing such hateful comments about this woman's body.  She's fat.  Meh... doesn't mean she can't do her job.  However, I do agree that she's infuriating in the video and doesn't seem interested in listening.  Some of her comments make no sense.  She comes off as very overbearing and intimidating.  She's not very professional.

I found evidence later that this guy eventually sued a number of folks regarding this case, including the women in this video.


  1. CPS gets a really bad rap around here. They've beem known to show poor judgement, in the form of questioning the parents ob obviously abused children, then walking away and leaving the child in more danger than he was before the incident was reported in the first place, then removing a child from home becausse she fell on a cookie cutter and was left with a strangely shaped bruise that could be easily explained by looking ag the cookie cutter that had landed on the floor when children were playing with play-doh and matching it to the bruise. (Why would a parent hit a kid with a cookie cutter in the first place, and it wouldn't be the most effective tool of punishment, anyway.

    CPS has made many mandatory reorters wary of reporting, because they know if the abuse is marginal, a child whi is questioned and then left in the home with no action taken is in more danger than he would have been had no report had been filed. almost all that I know go ahead and report abuse anyway because they don't want it ontheir consciences if something ttragic really does happen, or if the kid made a remark in front of anyone else or says he told or showed the mandated reporter, the person could be in serious trouble.

    it seems like it would be a terrible place to work because your case load would be too high to adequately monitor those you're upoosed to be monitoring, and too many of your co-woorkers aren't very conscientious and have poor judgment (focusing on the wrong people), which placesmore burden on those who conscientiously do their jobs.

    I had to change my privacy settings because someone is soewhat cyber-stalking me. I haven't closed the blog, but I'm moderating comments for now, which maybe I should have been doing all along. I may need to take down my adult picture.

  2. Yes, I think your commenter hit my blog, too.


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