Friday, September 20, 2013

Now the tooth on the other side of my mouth is bothering me...

It's the second to the last molar on the last side...  I woke up with it bothering me.  It's kind of a dull ache, nothing really horrible but enough to be annoying.  I just spent two fucking hours in the dentist's chair two days ago and now another tooth is giving me angst?

So much for all those good checkups I had in North Carolina.  I move to Texas and all hell breaks loose in my mouth!  I have a feeling this molar might have the same problem the other one did.  Only instead of it being "sensitive", it just aches a bit.  It would be nice if it was just empathy pains, but I have a bad feeling...

At least San Antonio has a lot of good dentists, including a couple that are open on the weekends.  For now, I think I'll just drink some wine.


  1. Dentists open on weekends? I never heard of such a thing! Around here, you're lucky if you can find an MD merciflul enough to write you a script for painkillers until the dentists are back in their offies on Monday, assumking it's not a Monday holiday.

    1. I found two in San Antonio from a casual search. Fortunately, my tooth is not bugging me today.

      I'm not sure if those dentists charge more for after hours care or not. One appears to be strictly an emergency dentist, but has Saturday and Sunday hours (four hours each day).


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