Thursday, September 12, 2013

New shoes...

My favorite shoes died on my birthday... I bought new ones because the lady who used to be my accompanist and is now a piano professor at my alma mater has a shoe obsession.  I bought the above shoes to replace my old ones...  Not bad for 41.  Could be worse...


  1. I think they look lovely on you. Don't you hate it when a favorite pair of shoes dies?

  2. Thanks! The shoes that died were ten years old and I had worn them on my birthday. Right before we left the restaurant, the strap that went over my foot broke. It was hard to walk gracefully out of the restaurant. I don't think I succeeded.

  3. At least the new pair is gorgeous.

    I'm barely learning to walk in heels. my dad didn't want me wearing them while I was still in my growth spurt because he thought my connective tissue wwas too weak. So now I'm finally learning. I'm going to wear them in when I'm a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding in December. I need to not look like an idiot by then.

    They're really not comfortable, but they give me much-needed height.

  4. The new shoes have about two inches... I don' like really high heels.


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