Monday, September 16, 2013

Miss America wins out over The Big Lebowski...

Bill loves the film, The Big Lebowski.  I've tried to watch it twice and it failed to grab my attention both times.  I don't know why I don't like it.  I generally enjoy funny movies, even if they are full of profanity.  Toward the end of the film, I found myself getting fatigued hearing the word "fuck" over and over again.  I changed the channel and caught the end of the Miss America pageant.

I see it's moved back to September in Atlantic City.  While I guess I'm glad to see tradition revisited, it does seem odd that Miss America 2013 only got to serve for eight months.  I wonder if it's because it looks like she might have gained some weight.  The new Miss America is gorgeous, even though there have been all sorts of racist tweets about her.  I see I blogged about Miss America 2013 and commented that the pageant was a Vegas show.  I only caught about 20 minutes of the show last night, so I don't know if moving it back to Atlantic City made it less Vegas.

There was a time when I thought beauty pageants were fascinating.  I liked watching beautiful women parading around in elegant evening gowns, watching their corny talent competitions, and hearing them answer tough questions.  Now that I'm older, I guess I'm less impressed...

Cullen Johnson, first runner up to Miss America 1995, went to college with me...

I used to really love the Miss Universe pageant.  I liked watching all the women from different countries, especially if they needed an interpreter.  Now that Donald Trump has changed everything, it's pretty much unwatchable.  

I don't know what was up with me and The Big Lebowski, though.  Why don't I like it?  Maybe if I watch it a third time, that will be the charm and I'll enjoy it as much as Bill does.  I guess even people like me can get irritated by foul language...   


  1. I've never seen "The Big Leibowski." I asked my dad and he liked it. Maybe it's a guy thing.

    When I was little I liked the Miss America pageant. Once when I was about eight my dad and uncle were in the same room as Matthew, my cousins, and me, watching the pageant unfold. My dad and uncle had correctly picked the five finalists. They were both a bit drunk. My uncle said something like, "We sure know how to pick'em, don't we, John?"

    Without waiting for my dad's reply, I piped in with, "You two sure know how to pick'em all right. Just look at those two beauts in the kitchen."

    I got sent to time-out for the rest of the evening even though my tipsy uncle thought it was hysterical.

    Now that I'm older, I can see that my mom is pretty and my aunt isn't all that bad-looking, but as a child, I thought they were both just old ladies.

  2. A lot of men do seem to like The Big Lebowski. On the other hand, so do a lot of my friends. I don't know what's wrong with me.

    I think it's funny that you were such a smart aleck as a kid... on the other hand, I also like that you were disciplined. It sounds like your comment about your mom and aunt could probably be filed under the "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" heading.


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