Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mattress Muffin...

Here's a lighter post.  Yesterday, I checked my phone messages and got a wrong number from some woman in Georgia.  I listened to this message several times and it didn't become somewhat clear until I downloaded it to my computer and listened to it on decent speakers.

I could have sworn she said she was Barry's mattress muffin...

I think she's actually Barry's mother and she wants to bring him some clothes for when he gets out of the joint...

Maybe I should have called her back to tell her she had the wrong number.  Hopefully, she figured it out on her own.


  1. The blog The Many Banes of My Existence by Alexis is not read. She bought a picture from this website and is saying that it is her own. I am here to warn you that something is not right. You don't believe me look at the link and ask this person the question WHY??

  2. Thanks for the comment. Is it possible that Alexis isn't using real photos because she doesn't want people she knows to know she's posting? If what she writes is true, she is only recently an adult... I think it makes sense that she would want to preserve her privacy. She doesn't owe anyone real photos of herself or anyone else, nor does she owe anyone her real name.

    But even if she isn't who she says she is, I still find her entertaining and likable. It does me no harm to converse with her. She hasn't asked me for anything and, if by chance she is making everything up, that would mean she has a hell of an imagination, which is entertaining in and of itself. While I don't condone ripping off peoples' personal photos, it's not like I actually know any of the people involved, nor would I know the difference whether she used real photos or bought ones.

    In any case, MY blog is real and the vast majority of photos are mine. ;-)


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