Monday, September 30, 2013

Last night was epic...

And I already blogged about it on my travel blog, so if you want the juicy details of what we ate and the show we saw, I suggest you read it there.  There are many pictures.

On this blog, I want to be a little more introspective.  Bill and I just enjoyed yet another wonderful weekend together doing things that, in his prior life, would have been considered sinful.  Last week, we joined a wine club.  This week, we saw the Book of Mormon Musical, which is full of filthy language, extreme sexual situations, and irreverent humor.  In other words, it was right up my alley.

An ex Mormon friend on Facebook, whom I have never met in person but would love to know offline, made a comment about how many church members are warned against leaving the religion because doom will befall them.  Her experience, she noted, has been totally different.  She left the church and got a great new job in a new state many miles from Utah.  She makes a lot more money, too.

She writes:

Another non-faith promoting experience: When we were on our way out, our good friends had us over for dinner/home teaching. So, the lesson was on tithing. The story went something like: we were out of a job for MONTHS, went through all our savings, relied on the church to feed the kids, etc. Meanwhile I'm thinking, we don't pay a dime in tithing, both have good jobs, I just got offered a job at a 25% pay increase, and have I mentioned that my paycheck goes even farther when I'm not giving 10% of my hard-earned money to some rich bastards?

My husband's experience was similar.  When I met him, he was a TBM who had just left his ex wife.  He was struggling to pay his bills, which included exorbitant child support, alimony, a house payment, and tithing.  He was scraping by on $600 a month, though he admitted he was happy to be away from his ex, who kept him in a constant state of anxiety and regularly verbally abused and criticized him.  Part of his bad time as a Mormon had to do with her and the fact that she is toxic and cruel.  Part of it had to do with Mormonism, which is all about trying to be perfect and avoiding the mere appearance of evil at all costs.

The LDS brand of fun is clean and... frankly somewhat juvenile at times.  Board games can be fun, don't get me wrong, and everyone loves a nice glass of fruit punch with a side of Rice Krispee treats, but once many people get to a certain age, they seek fun that's a little more adult.  You certainly don't have to drink liquor or watch R rated movies to have fun; but when you are an adult, it's good to be able to make those choices for yourself without interference from a third party such as a church.      

In any case, we had a wonderful time last night having the kind of fun that we could never have had when Bill was a tithe paying Mormon.  For one thing, we would not have been able to afford last night.  For another, it involved drinking wine and seeing a musical fraught with sin.  And yes, some might say that we could have done other things with our time and money last night.  But we really did have a lot of fun and it was a bonding experience.  And we made the decision to do it without worrying about looking evil or bumping into someone who might tattle to the bishop on us.

It was a good time... and I feel blessed that we were able to have it together.    I don't think we're destined for Outer Darkness, either.


  1. You DON'T look old. And the Lt. Col. is a handsome and distinguished-looking gentleman.

    I'm a picky eater, but your entree and dessert sounded good to me. Not having been raised anywhere near the Ozark Plateau, I'm not much of an eater of game, though i haven't really placed any of it on my Donner Party list,

  2. I don't like game that much either because it's... well... gamey. Bill loves it, though.

    That was an excellent meal. We'll have to go back.


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