Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jessa Duggar has a "boyfriend"...

I actually found out about this yesterday when I read the massive Duggar thread on (unfortunately TWP is now defunct).  Jessa is JimBoob's and Michelle Duggar's third daughter and fifth eldest kid.  Their eldest, Josh, is married at age 25 and has three kids.  I imagine he got married five years ago because he was wanting to have sex... plus maybe JimBoob figured letting Josh get married would make for some less snoozeworthy 19 Kids and Counting episodes.  

When I first heard about the Duggars, maybe nine or so years ago, I had no ill feelings toward them.  While I personally think it's nutty to have so many kids, I don't think people should be telling each other how many children they should have.  They seemed like a nice enough family.  But then when they ended up on TV, there were all these programs devoted to the status of Michelle Duggar's uterus...

And then, as we started seeing fewer handmade jumpers on the girls and more store bought clothes... and Michelle's voice became more and more babyish, the family seemed to be more like a franchise.  Several Duggar "kids" are now full fledged adults and still sleep in dormitory style rooms with their much younger siblings.  I have to wonder how many of them would love to strike out on their own and do something for and by themselves.  Maybe they love their lifestyle, but it seems to me like it would be quite oppressive.

So anyway, I read about Jessa's "boyfriend" Ben Seewald and how they basically trade scripture and sermon recommendations and JimBob lets them "side hug" each other.  Come on... there's got to be more to the typical fundie relationship than religious stuff.  Hell, Jessa's 20 years old!  I know they're religious and all, but she's an adult.  

I quit watching The Duggars some time ago.  I lost interest and was frankly a little disgusted after the whole 20th child race.  I do still read about them on TelevisionWithoutPity, though, because the comments there are usually pretty hysterical.  It's not hard to keep up with what's going on with this mega family, what with all their Today show appearances and articles.

I'm dying for one of those kids to break free and write a book.


  1. I haven't been to TWOP lately (I keep losing my password, although I could read without it), so despite the relatively placque-free state of my veins and arteries, I very nearly had The Big One when I read that Jessa is being allowed by Jim Bob to court at the tender age of 20. (I thought my dad at Pat Boone were bad.)

    I think Jinger will be the one to write the book. She just has that look about her, kind of like, "I'm going along with this for now, but just wait . . ."

    Michelle's voice HAS become more babyish. I basically like Michelle, baby voice and all, although I don't agree with every practice she espouses, and wonder what goes on when the cameras are not rolling.

    I have mixed feelings about numbers of kids. The Earth's resources are limited, and the Duggars are, by having such a large brood, using up more than their share. At the same time, Jim Boob and Michelle, while I may not agree with everything they do, are financially supporting their children,and are raising children who will ultimately probably be more of a benefit to than a drain on society.

    It surprises me that the Duggar girls have not courted. I find them, by and large, far better-looking than their brothers, many of whom look as though there's either some consanguinity in their breeding or there's an extra chromosome hiding out somewhere. What 20-year-old, other than a Duggar or a Boone, needs her father's permission to court, side-hug, or anything else related to the same or opposite sex. (Wouldn't it be a hoot-and-a-half if a Duggar turned out to be gay?)

    My mom has developed a pet peeve after having been married into my dad's family for so long. The pet peeve is pushing the raising of one's children off onto one's older children. It's a very common practices in the Duggar family, with "buddies" and "jurisdictions" and all, and I think I'm beginning to see my mom's point. My mom was the youngest of seven, but she says the most that her siblings were ever expected to do was to occasionally watch her and her twin brother when my grandmother went grocery shopiing, or to tell them to get out of the street if they happened to notice them venturing into the path of cars. My grandparents figured that they're the ones who spawned seven kids, and it shouldn't be their older kids' responsibility to raise the younger ones.

    If raising children in large families is done right, appareently, the children compete over the right to hold or feed the baby, and the older children dote on the younger ones. When the repossibility is just shoved at them, however, the older siblings resent the younger siblings, and the younger children pay the price. (Either the older children don't have the rght to discipline, and the little ones or out of control, or the older children dO have the right to discipline, in which case they have a tendency to do so excessively.) And it's all because someone either thought having a quiver full made them more righteous or they were too lazy to obtain birth control. The practice is rampant in the LDS 7/10 of my dad's family.

    1. Dolly Parton wrote in her book that the reason she never had kids is because she never wanted them. As one of 12 kids, she had already raised a few by the time she was an adult.

      I'm all for religious freedom and seriously think people should be allowed to have as many kids as they can support. There are a lot of people like me who are childless, so I don't even worry that much about the environment the way some people do. But I do think if you put this shit out there for the masses, you are going to have to deal with peoples' opinions. The Duggars obviously don't care, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

      As for the adult kids, I would love to see one or more of them wake up and tell Ma and Pa Duggar to screw off.

  2. Those Duggars!! I do feel most sorry for the girls. The boys seem to have a lot more independence and are encouraged to be entrepreneurial. The girls just appear to be groomed to become mothers :-(

    1. I know. And poor Jana Duggar is almost 24 years old and still raising her mother's kids. It's got to be tough for her.


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