Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's funny when people don't recognize satire when they see it...

Someone on RfM posted a link to this article today.  It's about the city of St. George, Utah, banning porn and punishing offenders with 30 days in jail for their first offense.  Now, I don't know much about Utah, but I do know that St. George is a very conservative city... and this particular article, while just a little snarky, was kind of believable.

I figured out it was satire when I checked out the writers, some of whom were obviously not serious folk...  While I had never run across this particular Web site before, I realized that it was kind of like The Onion.  Now, The Onion is very much satire and most people know it.  But The National Report is not so well known... and if you click on the article I linked, you will see that many people took this article very seriously.

I have to admit that it's hilarious to read the responses to this article, some of which were very impassioned.  You got some folks in there screaming about how they won't be giving up their porn.  You got others in there writing about how porn ruins lives and decays society.  And you got people saying, "Get your facts straight!" to each other...

Frankly, when someone says, "Get your facts straight" to me, I quit listening.  I don't respond well to that shit.  There's usually a reason someone writes or says something that seems way off base.  When you tell someone to "get their facts straight", you run the risk of someone schooling you if it turns out that their facts are more correct than yours are.  Some of the people yelling about facts are not as well educated as they think they are.

In any case, it made for very interesting and entertaining reading this afternoon.  I gotta admit, the satire is well done because it's entirely believable.  In fact, it was so believable that the St. George, Utah Web site issued a statement assuring people that it was just a joke.  Tee hee hee!

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