Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm tired of sweating!

I'm glad it's September.  That means we're a little closer to fall, which starts later this month.  I know I've only been in Texas for a month, but it's been a hot month.  Somehow, I chose the hottest room in the house to set up my office and I spend most of the day sweating.

We run our ceiling fans and have replaced the filters, which were really filthy and probably hadn't been touched in ages.  Still, given how high our power bill was, even with the adjustment, I am reluctant to lower the temperature on our thermostat.  In a way, this kind of reminds me of summer in Germany.  Germany rarely gets very hot, but for a few weeks in the July or August.  Most German homes don't have air conditioning because most of the year, they just don't need it.

Here in Texas, of course, air conditioning is a necessity.  Still, the local power company suggests setting the air conditioning at 78 degrees.  I can't even imagine... I am sweating like a whore in church with it set to 74.  In North Carolina, our thermostat was usually set to 70 and I often had to turn off the AC even in summer because it would get cold in the house.

In any case, Bill and I will probably start looking to buy a home soon.  If we stay here, and we probably will, we will want our own place.  We're tired of being renters.  On the other hand, Bill is also actively looking for jobs based in Europe.  If he finds one and takes it, that means more renting.

Bill is looking into learning French, too.  Here in Texas, lots of people speak Spanish and learning Spanish would probably be very beneficial.  But he wants to get a job in Europe-- Belgium specifically.  So for that, he'd need some French.  The Army offers free courses online, so he'll probably take advantage... same way he took advantage of their computer security course.  He's already earned the first level of certification and will get the second level after he finishes one more class.  I feel lucky to have such a motivated husband who likes to learn new things.

In any case, I hope the weather breaks soon.  I'd like to stop sweating.  


  1. We're having a heat wave in my town for us, which is mid 90's. It's not humid, but it's uncomfortable outside in the afternoon unless you're in the water. (The Pacific is frigid here, so it actually makes for nice beach weather. Yesterday was hot, and it was perfect for the beach.) Our weather is normally so mild that many people don't have any form of cooling at all, including fans. We're prepared for every eventuality with dual aC units, a swamp cooler, fans, and a heating system for winter (which most people around here have in some form; they sometimes use it even on summer nights, though not tonight), so it's fine at my house.

    Tonight I'm at my aunt's and uncle's who live near the lab where I'm completing my internship. It's not quite so hot in their town an hour or so away (usually in the summer it's abit warmer, but they're still close enough to the ocean to get night and morning coastal fog), but still warm. They have AC as well, and my aunt, who is originally from North Dakota 9herparents are Norwegianimmigrants), considers nything over 80 hot, so the AC is on full-steam. I actually sleep better with it cold and with blankets piled on me, so I like it. In a tMI moment, I'll tell you that my aunt is probably sleeping nekkid 9I'm just guessing; I don't actually know this) with no covers with the thermostat set at 65 or lower. And she's not even approaching perimenopause yet. Shedoesn't wear a jacket or sweatshirt in 45-degree weather. North Dakota people are a different breed than the rest of us.

    After tomorrow, I only have ten more hours of my internship left. I half to stretch it over two days becauseI cannot oficially work more than eight hours in one day. If the work includes many more fecal slides,it can't end soon enough. Blood, skin cells, and urine I can tolerate with ease; fecal matter is not my thing. Maybe I'll specialize in hematology. If I go into research, I can still spend a lot of time peering through the lens of a microscope.

  2. perimenopausal, not perimenopause. I'll ignore my other 20,000 typos.

  3. I think I might miss weather that changes significantly when the seasons change.


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