Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th...

I've never been very superstitious.  I guess it's that nasty practical streak I inherited from my mother.  Still, it's Friday the 13th and my tooth is protesting a little.  It doesn't hurt... it's just telling me to pay attention to it and is just enough to be noticeable and annoying.  Hopefully, it won't ruin my weekend.

The AT&T U-verse guy just left.  He was very helpful.  Signed us up for HD service and fixed our two TVs that went out of commission after we lost the signal the other day.  He gave us a new box for one TV and a new access point, which he also repositioned.

I don't watch the other TVs very much, but sometimes I want to... like the other day, Bill wanted to go to bed and I wanted to catch the end of America's Got Talent.  Why I watch that show, I'll never know...  Actually, this year it's been pretty good.  At least this year they didn't do the stupid YouTube competition like they did for a couple of years.  

I'm sitting here watching Jerry Springer... man, what a freak show.  It's not something I like to watch every day, because the people on it are so obnoxious.  Every once in awhile, it's hilarious, though.  The comments at the end of the show are priceless, even though they are often hurtful.  I admire Jerry Springer because he doesn't take himself or his show very seriously.  I liked Jerry when he hosted America's Got Talent, too, though Nick Cannon also does a good job.

I have a feeling I'll be wanting some soft food today.  *Sigh*  I guess I'm lucky, though, because I have access to a dentist and the money to pay for treatment.  Could be worse.

I need to stop watching so much trash TV.



  1. While trash tV has its place, i hope you're soon well enough that if you're watching it, you're doing it by choice and not because a lousy tooth is incapacitating you. good luck with getting the problems taken care of.

  2. Fortnately, the tooth doesn't hurt yet. It's just annoying.


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