Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chatting with U-verse...

This morning, I suddenly lost Internet and TV.  I tried the ol' unplug the router solution.  It didn't work. So I fired up our trusty hotspot and went to AT&T's support system.  I accessed their chat function and the first person I chatted with was "Vicky".  She thanked me for every thing I did in a way that was very impersonal.  I got green lights on everything except the broadband connection, which indicated that something else was wrong.  After a few minutes with Vicky, it was determined that I needed help from a live person.  She set up an appointment with me.

A few minutes later, I got all green lights on the router.  I went back to the U-verse chat and then got someone named "Natarajan".  Natarajan's responses and questions were eerily like Vicky's.  It was like I was talking to a machine.  Fortunately, Natarajan was able to help with resolve the issues and I was up and running an hour after the crisis began.  But it seemed like the two people were the same.  A friend tells me they are reading from scripts... which is why it was weird when one of them asked me how my day was going.  It would be going better if I weren't having Internet issues.

Another thing that's cropped up is I noticed one of my baby teeth is sensitive.  I was drinking ice water and I noticed it was not liking the cold.  I was eating a room temperature banana and the same thing happened.  It's not painful, just a little sensitive.

Later, I drank a cold Pepsi and that didn't seem to bother me.  But now I'm all paranoid and can't relax, because I dread potentially expensive and painful dental treatment. Hopefully, I just brushed too hard.  I did just get a new toothbrush.

I figure one day, those baby teeth will come out and I'll need implants.  Not looking forward to that at all...

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  1. My mom had trouble with cold with the baby teeth she had replaced with prosthetics. I hope it's not an omen. Then again, thank God for implants as opposed to either bridgework or (gasp)partial plates. Just the thought of dentures mskes me grab my toothbrush and floss.


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