Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beauty pageants and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders...

Last night, I watched the two most recent episodes of Making the Team: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  It's a totally cheesy show, but I've been hooked on it for years.  One of the best loved cheerleaders from the past few years, Courtney Cook, left the team rather abruptly.  Being nosey, I decided to look around online to see if I could find out the dirt.  In the process of searching, I ran across some discussion on (now defunct) TelevisionWithoutPity about Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell, the director and choreographer of the DCC.  Back in the 80s, though, they were themselves cheerleaders...

Someone linked the above clip.  The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were guests on the 1987 Miss Teen USA pageant.  Indeed, Kelli and Judy actually performed at this pageant.  You have to watch carefully to see them, but they are definitely there.  Kelli is in the front while Judy is to the far right.  As I was watching, it occurred to me that I actually saw this pageant when it originally aired.  I remember the candidate who was Miss Virginia Teen USA, because she did a stupid salute during the opening dance number.

Here, Tracy Scoggins says, "We're gonna watch a young girl's come true."  Yep, that's what she said.  Love all the monokinis in this segment.  They were big in 1987.

They get cut down to ten semi-finalists.  At the beginning, the DCC does a very cheesy dance number to introduce the segment.  Ick.  Check out the acid washed jeans!  Kelli and Judy are dancing in this clip, too.

It's interview time... This oughta be good.  Miss California comes off as a dipshit.  Miss Mississippi looks like she has gum issues, though she is pretty charming.

Here's the stupid swimsuit competition.  Love how they announce the girls' weights as if they're sides of beef being auctioned off.  Then they get scores!

The emcee is a big dork.  The orchestra is playing a ridiculous version of "Uptown Girl".  I miss Billy Joel, especially when it turns into a medley.  I wonder if this group is responsible for Muzak.  The dresses are frumpy as hell.

Top five...  I have to wonder if these women have seen this and feel bad about the scores so publicly displayed.  Miss North Dakota had a tough time of it.  It looks like the picture challenge was a bit of a flop.  Some of them must not remember what they were doing back in the day.  Miss Teen USA 1986 seems to have the personality of Cool Whip.

And here she is...

Yes, back in the 80s, pageants were a bigger deal and actually ran for a couple of hours.  These women are about my age... Wonder what they're doing now?  We sure had big hair back then and it looks like a lot of these women were using too much Sun In.  On another note, I wish the DCC were still wearing those shorts instead of the diapers they wear now.  Their dancing on this program is dated, but at least their shorts cover their asses.


  1. so...................what happened to Courtney Cook?

  2. To tell you the truth, I kind of forgot about Courtney after watching that pageant from 1987! Your best bet is to prowl the TelevisionWithoutPity board for this show. There are some very good sleuths there who prowl Twitter, Facebook, and all the DCC Web sites to dig up gossip.

  3. Courtney was my favorite, as well !


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