Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ask Alexyss...

Alexis, this is the YouTube video I wrote of on your blog... Brace yourself.  It's really nasty!

Actually, I laughed really hard the first time I saw this video.  But it's really graphic and gross.

If you go on YouTube, you can find this lady's videos all over the place.  They are about sex and her name is the same as yours, though she has changed the spelling.  I generally can't get through these videos in one sitting, but this one in particular is a classic.

At the very least, I hope it does inspire males to wash their genitalia more thoroughly so they'll be more pleasant during sexual activities.


  1. I'd enjoy hearing Sue Johansen cover the same material. It would be interesting to hear it put in standard English. Maybe Alexyss needs to speak her audience's language for them to understand it. Is what she's talkinga bout generally true, or is some sort of anomaly among especially filthy men? I'd ask my brother, but I'd be a bit embarassed. TMI, but I do happen to know Matthew was circumcised. It almost killed my mother to put her favorite baby through the procedure, but my dad was adamant that it was going to be done, and she agreed in principle; she just wanted the foreskin fairy to come and magically take it away rather than her baby boy going through circumcision..

    1. I have never encountered a man with such poor hygiene standards. Bill stays pretty clean, not that I inspect him down there on a regular basis.

      If I had a son, I probably wouldn't have him circumcised. My dad never was and has never had any issues.


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