Saturday, September 14, 2013


If you want to read about Bill's near death experience, check out this link...


  1. I don't know how reading that makes me feel. Does it mean once we leave here, we're absorbed into that light and cease to exist except as part of the energy of that light, or is it something we pass through before moving on to another phase? What do you think? What does Lt. Col. think?

    1. Alexis,

      I really don't "know" what is beyond that light. The Tibetan Buddhists tell us that when we encounter that light, right at the moment of death, we have to realize that it's the Ultimate, and go into it, or else we'll reincarnate. I only know that it wasn't threatening at all, and by saying that the prospect of being "absorbed" didn't scare me because I didn't think of it as an "end".

      The entire experience has led me to question the permanence of Ego. I suspect it may be a flawed construct, the result of seeing the world in terms of opposites. The older I get the more I realize that the world is more inter-connected than separate. For example, yesterday Knotty remarked at how many people it took to make her. It wasn't just her mother and father, but their entire families, and the people that brought them together on their first date, etc. So many things that came together over so many years just to set the conditions for a single birth.

      Alexis, I have to return to what I said in the beginning, that I don't "know" in the Gnostic sense. If I did I'd be remarkably different than I am today. And if reincarnation were true, then it would be over for me after this lifetime.

      If you would like some interesting reading, try the Gnostic Archive, at

  2. I don't want to speak for Bill. I'll get him to respond. I have read a number of books about NDEs, though, and I think there must be a reason so many people from so many different backgrounds have experiences that are somewhat similar. Bill has told me that the light he saw wasn't threatening and that he didn't fear it. He has a lot of ideas, though... and has thought a lot more about this than I have.

    My grandmother died six weeks before her 101st birthday and had a smile on her face as she passed. It makes me wonder if it was because she was seeing all her loved ones again, including her two lost daughters, or because she was no longer in pain.

    I do think that experience probably changed Bill and made him a more evolved person. He is surprisingly reasonable and mature. I don't know many men like him.


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