Sunday, August 18, 2013

We had a date night last night...

I posted the specifics, complete with foodie pics, on my travel blog.  But while messing around with my web cam, I managed to get this shot of me and Bill.

I might have to send the above picture to my mom.  I think she'd love it.  For some reason, my smiles look best when Bill is in the photo with me.  We have a lot of chemistry.  I actually think the way I look in the above picture is a good representation of my personality.  I may seem like a curmudgeon on this blog, but I actually laugh a lot.

I guess in our case, the old song "I Can't Smile Without You" really rings true.  

We had a good time last night.  We even ran into my new dentist, who apparently knows where to dine in San Antonio.

This is the night we got engaged...  As you can see, we're still smiling!


  1. Beautiful pictures of you! You can tell the Lt. Col. that he is looking good, too.

  2. Thanks! We were going through boxes yesterday and found lots of old photos and stuff, so of which are from his former life. It was a little wrenching.


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