Friday, August 30, 2013

Update on Shannon Guess Richardson...

A couple of months ago, I posted about Shannon Guess Richardson, a bit part actress who tried to frame her soon-to-be-ex husband by mailing ricin tainted letters to President Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  In that post, I wrote that I thought Shannon Guess Richardson was a cluster B.  Now that new information is coming out, I'm pretty certain she's a cluster B.

Richardson was pregnant when she was arrested, but gave birth to her son four months early.  There was a "custody battle" and the boy's father was granted temporary custody of the baby, named Brody.  Richardson is the mother of six sons from different relationships.  She's just 35 years old and her oldest son is 19.  It's hard to know what caused her to go into labor so early.  Was it because of the stresses of jail life?  Was it because she had handled ricin?  Was it because she's 35 and has had a bunch of kids?  It's hard to tell.  Sadly, the boy faces a lot of health challenges due to his early arrival.

Today, I read an article about Richardson's upcoming court dates and noticed that as she got out of the police car, she actually offered a half smile/smirk at the camera.  She appears to still be very concerned with her image.  She also appears to have aged ten years and lost some weight.  Her elbows look very bony under the drab jail jumpsuit she's wearing.

It seems to me that if I were a woman who had just given birth to a very premature baby and was facing ten years in the slammer, I would be anything but noticing the paparazzi.  Click this link and check out the photo.  I watched the video it was captured from and the smile is just for an instant.  But it's definitely there.  This is not a woman who thinks she's seriously messed things up for herself and her children.

I hate to sound like Nancy Grace, but I am convinced this woman is not playing with a full deck.  Other people notice it too, but that doesn't stop guys from noticing her.  One commenter said Richardson was crazy, but he'd still "hit it and quit it", then change his phone number and address.  Are most men really this dumb?  What is it about women like Jodi Arias and Shannon Richardson that draw men in like moths to a flame?  They are batshit crazy and dangerous, not just to the men they seduce, but to innocent children.  And yet so many men don't heed the signs and determine they want to "tap that", risks be damned.

It's at times like these I am grateful my husband's brain is bigger than his libido.



  1. She spooks me. Can you see Lt. Col's ex doing omething like that if she were smart enough to think of it?

    I think the ultimate psycho woman was that astronaut who drove non-stop from Texas to Florida in diapers to kidnap her former lover's new [also an astronaut] woman [also an astronut. Itmademe think a bit about just whom it is we're allowing up there. I think it was the diaper thing that was so intriguing.

  2. Bill's ex is too cowardly to do that. I bet she's thought of doing it, though. She has a tiny black heart.

    I agree about Lisa Nowak being a fruitcake. Ultimately, I was sad when I read about her, though. She was clearly brilliant and had so much potential. It's sad that she threw it away over a guy. But yeah... Total cluster B psycho. If she were a man, she would be in prison.


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