Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Update on our floor mishap...

Bill just sent me this email...

So, apparently, the repair guy that Wheaton hired to inspect the house decided not to go out to the property. Instead, Wheaton accepted Carole Davis’ estimate, the photos and your statement and intend to settle. The damage estimate is $600. [Property manager] was confused because they’ve never had to deal with this before with the Army, and Wheaton didn’t tell her who they were going to pay, us, or them. I told her I’d email their claims department with Carole Davis’ information since they have direct access to the property. [The landlord] just wants the damages fixed. Hopefully once this is shored up, we should get our security deposit back.

$600, really? It would have been easier for A+ to have just taken care of it and be done with us.

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