Sunday, August 11, 2013

This place'll probably be livable by tomorrow night...

Bill and I busted our humps and unpacked a lot more stuff, though we still have plenty of boxes to go through.  When we're done, I think this house will look pretty nice, at least on the inside.  We went to Target and picked up some new shelves and a new TV to put in our bedroom, since the one we had in there is now in my office and our big outdated 100 pound box TV is downstairs in the living room.

Monday, I'm calling my mother-in-law's dentist to see if he can fix my tooth.  I decided against the LDS guy because my MIL, who has had extensive dental work done, is so gung ho about her dentist.  He's also got a lot of drugs available.  Apparently, he's one of the few dentists in Texas who can do in office IV sedation.  I don't expect I'll need that for this problem, but it's comforting to know that he's skilled in that area.

We finally got some rain tonight, which is very nice... the temp was about 103 degrees and it dropped to about 92 in minutes.  I took another dip in the pool, too.  I looove having a pool, probably more than I liked the pond in our backyard in North Carolina.

We went to World Market again and got a new umbrella for our patio since the movers broke our other one.  It was only $15 because it was on sale.  That's what I call a score.  I found some pillows in World Market I think I might buy later.  I want to replace the yucky ones on our couches that the dogs have turned all shitty.

I want to get a mint plant now.  We had a few of them in North Carolina and they were very handy for mojitos.

I think in a few days, this mess will be behind me and I can get back to bitching about current events.


  1. When we were really little, we had one TV,and itwas in th living room. when my mom got sick, my parents got a tV so she could watch from bed if she was too sick to do anything else. After the goons wh attacked me propelled a brick and a rock through my window, my godparents rebuilt a new bedroom for me out of the attic. it was on the yard sad of the house rather than the roof side, so someone would hvae to climb fnces to have avvess to my window, and they wouldn't have a very quick getaway. VChances are by brother or my dad - or even I once my leg healed, could catch up with them. When my uncle redid the room, he went all-out and put a nice flatscreen on th wll. He felt like he had to give my brother one as well. We now have a TV in the kitchen as well so woever is cooking can watch if something important is on. In about ten years we went from one tV to five.

    What color is your umbrella?

    I don't swim in our pool that often because it's not that hot here, but I like having the option. Tonight I swam in my aunt's an uncle's pool because my little cousins wanted to. We had fun.
    They're a bit inland from the beach, so they don't go to the beach as often as I do.

    I'm glad you're almost through the toil of unpacking.

  2. We recently got rid of a couple of TVs we didn't use anymore and really only used one on a regular basis. We don't watch TV much in our bedroom. But I do like to have a TV in the bedroom for the times when I want to lie down or Bill needs to go to bed. The new TV is nice; it's 40 inches and has lots of modern features. Our other flatscreen TV is smaller and about six years old; we paid over twice as much for it.

    The new umbrella is bright red. I would have chosen a different color, but World Market only had two left and they were both red.

    I think I'm going to miss being near the beach, not that we went that often. Last year, we went to North Myrtle Beach around Labor Day and it was just lovely. I would love to go again this year; the beaches were not crowded and the water was still very nice. But it's nice to have a pool so I can swim when I feel like it. I'm sure Texas beaches are decent... or hell, now we're closer to California. I've never been to any Pacific beaches.

    There are still lots of boxes to be unpacked, but the worst is over.


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