Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There's an "I hate beagles" group on Facebook...

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I am the proud mama to two overindulged hounds.  I have so far rescued five dogs with at least a little beagle in them, though I think only a couple of them have been all beagle.  I know they're loud and can be annoying.  But they're also sweet and make good company.

These are my current hounds, Zane and Arran...

Today, I became aware of a "hate group" on Facebook called I Hate Beagles.  Personally, I think it's a pretty stupid group.  But, just as I felt the people who hate the troops deserve to have their say, I think the beagle hating folks deserve a group if they want to have one.  Just as I was against joining the "Shut Down the Fuck the Troops Page" cause, I think people who want to express their hatred of hounds have the right to do so.  It's all about free speech, people.  This is still America.

Personally, I think anyone who hates beagles has no soul.  But I could be wrong about that.  There must a be a reason why these people feel the way they do... and frankly, they have the right to their opinions, even if I think they are morons for feeling that way.  Of course, I would probably happily join a "I Hate Mushrooms" group because I do hate them with a passion.  Other people who love mushrooms would never understand my hatred of most things fungus.  But hey, if I hate mushrooms, don't I have the right to say so?  And can't other people join in if they want?

A few years ago, I actually wrote an article about how I hate mushrooms.  Actually, in my case, it's a full-blown phobia.  I posted it on what was then Associated Content and it got a lot of hits and made me some money.  I also got a lot of emails and comments from other people who share my "little problem".  I suppose there are people out there who hate beagles because they have a phobia... or because they think beagles are too loud, or stink, or are otherwise a pain in their asses.  It's not my place to judge them for that, I guess... As long as they stay away from me and my dogs, I can live and let live.

Yeah, hatred can be ugly and uncomfortable.  A lot of people don't like to talk about hatred.  But it does exist and there's often a reason for it.  I think it's better to talk about it than suppress it.  You may never get past your hatred of something... but, hey, if you express how you feel, someone or something might help you change your mind.  If you never acknowledge or express how you feel, how do you process it or even have a prayer of moving past it?  As Dr. Phil says, "You can't change what you don't acknowledge."  Right?

One of my Facebook friends actually ripped off a photo of one of the group members, who happens to be hugely pregnant right now and has an open Facebook page that shows her in a sports bra.  Her husband has his arms around her and they look like they are in love, even though she has expressed such vitriol for my favorite dogs.  My friend referred to her as a "Fat Cow" who hates beagles.  My immediate thought was that it's a shame the woman was reproducing.  But then reason took over and I realized the woman has a right to her opinion.  And I have a right to mine.

I won't bother reporting this group for its "hate speech".  However, I think others have reported them.  And I think the ones who made the report should probably find something more productive to do with their time.


  1. Yeah, you are wrong about us having no soul. ;) I am not in that group, but I have a beagle and...well... I am here due to a google search called "I hate beagles."

    I have a beagle. We've had her since she was 8 weeks old and she is now nearly 10 years old. She eats poo. She'll eat an entire bag of dog food if I let her. She pees on anything absorbent...and then lays in it. Leave a towel on the floor? She pees on it. Give her a nice bed to sleep on? Oh she'll sleep on it, after peeing on it. Snorting. Snoring. god, the howling.

    She's not our first dog. We had a 3 year old mutt before her who died a couple years ago. Shortly after his death, we got another dog. Both the before and after dogs were/are highly trainable. The "den" was kept free of bodily fluids and waste. No poop eating. Reasonable amounts of noise. Just good dogs.

    But the beagle? I'm at my wits end with her and only wish I'd known more about the breed when I got her. I got her, btw, for my husband. He talked on and on about his beagle growing up. He was so fond of that dog that I brought him the adorable 8 week old beagle pup. It was only a year ago that he revealed that his childhood beagle never actually came in the house. Rain or shine that beagle lived in his dog house outside. Now he tells me...

    So, occasionally, I google "I hate beagles" just so I can find others like me, so I don't feel like such a horrible person for hating this dog that I am committed to caring for for another decade. But trust me... I do have a "soul."

  2. Oh! And how could I have forgotten... she likes to jump into my raised vegetable garden and piss in it. And then? You guessed it: she lays in it.

    1. Hi Confessions!

      It sounds like your beagle is indeed a challenge. Some of the things you write that she does sound very familiar to me. Of the five beagles/beagle mixes my husband and I have rescued, three of them were real chow hounds. We have one right now who has to be watched because he's not above counter surfing or binging on food. Weirdly enough, the two purebred beagles we've had have been kind of finicky about dog food, though none of them have had any issues enjoying "people food". We've learned that we have to take precautions with edible things. Sometimes we forget and they raid the trashcan. It's annoying, but we clean it up and move on.

      We had one dog who ate poo if we didn't clean it up. So to prevent him from eating poo, we cleaned up after him. Poo eating is a pretty common dog thing, though. It's not just beagles or hounds that do it. It's gross to watch, I will concede. When my dog would eat frozen poop, I'd say he was having a poopsicle.

      As for the baying/howling, I will also concede that it can get annoying. Until our most recent move, we made a point of living in rural areas where we didn't have neighbors close. Beagles and other hounds are bred to bay and howl. It's what they do. Some people think it sounds like music, but I can see why it would be annoying to you. I don't like to hear it first thing in the morning when I'm not quite awake. But my dogs' sweetness makes up for the occasional howling/baying.

      I can tell you that not all beagles or hounds do all the things your dog does. Most of my beagles have been very clean dogs. I did have one who liked to barrel roll in shit. When he did that, I gave him a bath.

      The house we're in right now is the first one that has had a fenced in yard. Before that, I walked my dogs several times a day because they can't be trusted off lead. It got to be a chore sometimes, but it wasn't all bad. My dogs got me up and outside, exercising. I should probably go back to walking them on the leash.

      It sounds like you took my comment about beagle haters "having no soul" personally. I'm sorry about that. It was meant to be a "tongue-in-cheek" comment, but I'll admit that it was probably ruder than it should have been. I'm sure you do have a soul and I commend you for taking care of your beagle for as long as you have, even if the things she does disgust you. I trust you do the best you can to give her a good home.

      You have a right to your feelings and I can understand why you feel the way you do about your dog. And if you want to join the "I hate beagles" on Facebook, you have that right too. However, if your beagle annoys you as much as you say she does, you may want to look into training her or perhaps rehoming her. Are there any beagle rescues near you? Even if you don't rehome your dog, they might be helpful in teaching you ways to deal with her more irritating behaviors so you can enjoy your dog rather than hate her.

      Beagles aren't for everyone, but personally, I can't see the point of hating them for doing what they were born to do.


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