Thursday, August 8, 2013

The mess in my house is overwhelming...

We do have the washer and dryer going, which is a good thing...  and I got a good night's sleep last night in a real bed.  But shit is scattered all over the house in tons of boxes.  We only had about 11,000 pounds worth of stuff and my husband was allowed to move 18,500.  I can't even imagine if the load was twice this size.  Of course, I'm dealing with it alone, so there you go.  By the end of the day, more of it will be in its place and life will be more bearable.

The AT&T guy is coming today to fix the Internet, phones, and TV.  Bill had to search for the power cord that goes to our flatscreen TV.  He found the cord, but then couldn't find the plug.  So he found another cord from an old computer that will work.

Bill had to go out last night and buy new phones because our old ones died.  I got a new lamp for my office, which looks really pretty and gives me a lot more light (2 60 watt bulbs as opposed to one 40 watt bulb).  Two more that match it are due by the end of the week.  My office will soon be lit up like Grand Fucking Central Station.  And yes, that is Pat Boone's famous Twixt Twelve and Twenty book next to the lamp.  As soon as I have lamps set up in the master bedroom and can finish reading it, I will write a review of Boone's sage wisdom for kids circa 1959.

But there are tons of boxes in here that need to be unloaded.  My body aches, but I gotta get down to it or we'll be living in this mess forever... or at least until the next move.

I ate MIL's banana pudding for breakfast.  She made a whole lot and since I usually have a banana and they all went brown on us, I figure this is close enough.

Slowly, but surely, right?

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