Sunday, August 25, 2013

Terrible infomercials...

Just stumbled across this on YouTube.  Wonder if Bill would let me have a Tiddy Bear...  I think I'd like a Kush.

Wow... The golf club that lets you pee while out on the course is hilarious.  So is the product that helps you wipe your ass... and the wearable towel.


  1. I left you a comment, but my computer is being wonky. about eight member of my family are getting that magic uro-club. my dad doesn't glof, so he has been spared. He might get the butt-wiping device. If so, I'll get him something else in addition to it, because he's worth more than 14.95 to me.

  2. P.s> Scott's sister's mother-in-law is so terribly vain and afraid of the natural aging process that his siter soud get her mother-in-law that mask thing. If thr woam were kind or even civil, I would never suggest it, butt since she's the wicked withc from all four directions plus hell, she deserves it. (She once asked Aunt Jillian's mom how she dealt with having a daughter who is pretty much a failure in life when her sons are all so successful. She said this knowing that jillian had gaduated #1 in her law school class at the age of 23, and shrtly after she almost died of multiple intestinal bleedpouts. if my mom hadn't been there to diffuse the situation, Jillian's mother probably would have slapped her. The woman is a bitch and thw-thirds.)

    1. Holy crap, Alexis!!! No one in my family is quite that mean... I don't know what I would do if I had to deal with someone that outspoken and mean spirited. Thankfully, Bill's mom loves me and his stepmom is a bit intimidated of me...

      That is just over the top. Your Aunt Jillian sounds awesome.


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