Sunday, August 25, 2013

Talked to my sister last night...

One of my sisters had called me the other day and left a message.  I called her back yesterday.  She wanted to know how we were doing and if we are planning to go to Virginia for Thanksgiving.  I said I doubted we'd be going to Virginia because we're still trying to figure out what our budget is.  And, though I didn't mention it, I also don't really want to go.  Then she said she didn't think Mom expected us to be there.  I haven't told her yet... I guess if it comes up the next time I talk to my mom, I will let her know.

Then she wanted to know if we had another trip planned.  I said no... I can't do any trip planning until I know how much money we have.  I would like to go to Ireland or France next year.  I can't start planning until I know when Bill will retire and what we can afford.

My sister then started telling me about her real estate adventures.  She lives in the DC area and owns two condos.  She bought one in the early 90s and lived in it for many years.  Then she bought another one in 2006.  It was built in a brand new building and was very tiny, but luxurious.  But she never really liked living there and ended up renting it out.  She got tired of being a landlady and decided to sell it.  Originally, she had asked a friend to help her list it, but then another guy offered his services and was apparently prepared to help her make more money.  So she was put in the difficult position of having to fire her friend... a guy who had once been a boyfriend.  I think that's a valuable reminder not to do business with people you've shared a bed with.  In any case, it looks like selling her luxury condo will make her some decent money.  She made the whole thing seem pretty complicated, though.

We had a nice chat.  This sister and I have had our fair share of dramas, but she finally learned to respect me somewhat when Bill and I left her stranded at my parents' house after she threw a temper tantrum.  She had gotten a ride with us and was acting like a nightmare-- literally screaming at me like a toddler.  I decided I didn't want to spend four hours in the car with her screaming like that, so we left her.  She took a bus home.  Since then, she has mostly treated me with more respect.  It's the sister closer to me in age who still needs a reminder that I'm not 12 anymore.

I just posted on my travel blog about my adventures at HEB...  I think it might be time to investigate online grocery shopping.  I really hate grocery stores that try to be Wal-Mart.


  1. I'm obviously not in any way glad the twins before us didn't survive, even if one had been a girl, but it doesn't bother me not to have an older sister. I hear that in general they're bossy even once adulthood is reached.

    I hate anythig that tries to be like Walmart.

    1. I would have liked to have had a better relationship with my sisters. They're just so much older, though... and we're really different. The one closer to me in age is a bit of a control freak, too.


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