Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sleazy lawyers...

Bill got an email back from the moving company saying that because our floor in North Carolina was previously "damaged" and I admitted it, they aren't going to pay the claim.  So Bill is going up the ladder and will get the Army involved if he has to.

I went ballistic when he read me the email, which included a statement about how dollies are necessary for moving.  Yeah, but the dolly was not what caused the damage.  It was the negligence of their teenaged staff members that damaged the floor. It was one of the young males' big feet that knocked the planks loose, not having a dolly repeatedly run over the tented planks (though I'm sure that didn't help).  I watched several of those young men come casually striding in and out of the house and not give a damn about not messing up the floor.  Moreover, there are four ways into and out of the kitchen.  They could have avoided the damaged area entirely.

Even if the floor was already damaged, that doesn't give the moving company a carte blanche license to mess it up even more.  That's like saying there's already a dent in the wall, so we have permission to bump into the wall repeatedly until it cracks.  I think the moving company should have been more diligent, despite the pre-existing tenting.  Even if they hadn't used one of the three alternative routes out of the kitchen, they could have maneuvered the dolly around the tented area... and their lummox employees could have also walked around or over the tenting, rather than stepping on it, running into it, or tripping over it.

If they do fix the floor, tenting will very likely remain an issue.  There is dampness under the house which makes the wood expand.  There was tenting in a back room we almost never used.  Half the floor is rotting, too.

Just thinking about that smarmy email makes me angry.  I'd like to find the person who wrote it and rip them a new one.  It pisses me off that we have to deal with this on top of everything else.  And the new house also needs love.  The last people who lived here trashed it and it wasn't very well cleaned up for us.

Sorry to be so pissy.  At least we're out of the shitty motel and the pool has water.


  1. Bleh! I hope this works out somehow. :o( Did you have fotos of the extent of the damage before the movers exacerbated it? (fingers crossed)

  2. I could probably find a photo in which the floor was visible. Maybe...

    The irony is, we didn't spend that much time in that room, either. The dogs slept on the couches in there, mostly.


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