Saturday, August 10, 2013

Progress is slowwwww...

I got a good part of the living room done yesterday, as well as one of the guest rooms.  There's still a lot to do, but we're slowly getting through it.  We need to go out and get a couple more shelves for books.  We have a big cookbook collection that needs a place in the kitchen.

I slept like a dead person last night.  I was so exhausted.  At about 4:00 yesterday, my back was screaming for relief, so I went to the pool and swam a bit.  Then I put the dog crate together.  I usually keep it in the house, but since we have a nice covered patio and the dogs like hanging out in the yard, I decided to give them a makeshift dog house.  As soon as I put it up, Arran went in and explored it.

I can hardly believe how long this process is, even though I've done it so many times.  I'm also finding myself ditching stuff that just takes up space... including a meat grinder that belonged to my maternal grandmother (whom I never really knew), ugly champagne glasses we got as a wedding present, coffee mugs that were given to me but have no meaning (we have a huge collection of mugs from around the world, so some are just extraneous) and other worthless junk that may technically be functional, but isn't useful in our house.  I hate to waste things... I suppose we could find a Goodwill or have a yard sale, but frankly I just want it gone.

Since Bill is home today, maybe more stuff will get done.  But he's talking about getting our cars Texas inspections, so we can get the tags changed.  Never mind that we just had them inspected for North Carolina.  Endless bitching from yours truly.  I should probably adapt a more Buddhist attitude...


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