Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nothing like getting your car serviced, and...

The other day, Bill made an appointment to get my Mini serviced.  Originally, I was going to take it in, but we determined it would be too much of a pain in the butt for me to take it in.  Bill, being the very swell guy he is, decided he'd get it serviced today instead.  So he got up early and took my car to the local Mini dealer.  It was overdue for many services and got a big overhaul.

Got the oil changed, brake fluid flushed, filters replaced, and a good washing... I'm sure there was more done to it, but I don't remember the list of things Bill rattled off to me.  I was just glad I wasn't the one dealing with it.  Bill later said the dealership is hard to find, so it's probably a blessing I didn't go during the work week.

Anyway, the car runs great now... but about three minutes after he got it back, he got on Interstate 35 and apparently got too close to a gravel truck.  A rock hit my windshield and cracked it, leaving a nice starburst.  So now we've got to have Safelite come out and fix it.  An added bonus is that my windshield wipers will get replaced.

It's always amazing to me what the Mini technicians know, too, just by plugging in the key fob.  The guy knew we bought the car in Germany and it doesn't get driven often enough.  It'll be paid off in a few months and still has less than 17,000 miles on it.  We did take it on our date last night, though, and Bill got a thrill.  I dropped the top because the temperature finally got comfortable enough to go topless.  I love having a convertible.

In other news, the electric company is sending someone to test our meters and we will have someone check our thermostat.  We'll get to the bottom of why our first electric bill was so freakin' high.


  1. your car sounds totally awesome. After I get through my first year of residency (assuming I get into a through med school, if I don't decide to go to law school then, I'll get a col car, f/or now , im just really lucky to have anew car that I didn't have to py for I pay for gas, but I don't even pay for the insurance, because my parent knew my brother couldn't pay for his insurance, and they didn't think it was fair for me to pay for mine I they were paying for his I hd originally paid for both of ours for the first six months, but they reimbursed me and paid for the second half of the year. They also said we should from now on pay for it yearly because there is a little discount for doing it that way, and also because they can't raise your rates quite o quickly if you have an accident. In terms of a cool car, which I could afford right now, although it would wipe out a lot of my savings, but my parents said right now I need the safest car on the market, and also that at my age I'm more vulnerable to car-jacking than I will be when I complete my residency.

    I'm just lucky to have a car that runs, but someday . . .

    That's rotten luck about the windshield, but at least you get new wipers and blades out of the deal.

    1. It is a nice car. I never thought I'd have a Mini... Originally, I was thinking about getting a Volvo of all things. But we had to leave Germany early and got a nice military discount. So we got it custom built for me . It's four years old and still lots of fun... like a go cart.

      When I was your age, I drove a shitty 1986 Nissan truck that was an ugly shade of tan. It had a cover on the back. It was actually kind of fun to drive, though... got great mileage.


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