Monday, August 26, 2013

My dentist sent me a letter...

This is the first time this has ever happened.  It was basically a generic thank you letter for using their practice and included a $50 gift card I can give to friends or family members who are new patients.  Unfortunately, I can't give it to my mother-in-law, because she wouldn't be a new patient, even though she really could use the visit and the money off the expensive denture relining procedure.  Maybe I should send them a letter pointing out that as I am very new in town and don't know many people yet, they should make the gift card less restrictive so I can use it to coerce/reward my mother-in-law for making the referral.

Anyway, the dentist hand wrote a note next to her signature saying that she hoped to trade restaurant suggestions with me.  I think I'm going to like her.  Hopefully, if I ever need a doctor, I will find one who is similarly likable.  Of course, San Antonio is a big medical town, so I'm sure there are doctors of every stripe around here.

ETA... I just sent an email to the dentist's office, letting them know they should make sure they got my address right and suggesting that they let people give those gift cards to those who make referrals, too.  That's my good deed of the day.   Of course, now that I've done that, I can't find the card.  I think I gave it to Bill and told him to give it to someone who's looking for a new dentist.  He sees more people than I do.

Yesterday, I got really bored and ended up going swimming/wading in our shallow pool.  Bill joined me, then we got out of the pool and Bill made some very potent margaritas.  While I was enjoying his expertly prepared "knotty-sized" margaritas, I watched some funny old films that were posted on Facebook.  Have a look...

Ah... the good old days!


  1. Either business is slow or you have a really great dentist.

  2. Could be both... I know the office I went to is one of two owned by a well-established dentist and the dentist I saw was a new associate who has only been around for a year. They could be trying to get more people to go to the new location.


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