Thursday, August 8, 2013

Movers left a little while ago...

They were a much better crew.  It was a driver and two Mexican guys who were very nice and worked really hard.  The driver is a fellow homebrewer like Bill is and they were happily chatting about their hobby before the other guys showed up.

Nothing was damaged on their end, though so far I have found a couple of broken items.  One was a jewelry armoire that I bought last year.  It looks like one the bottom feet broke and was poorly glued back on.  It's missing a small chunk of wood.  A cheap plant stand broke, but I'm not too heartbroken about that... it was a cheap piece of crap anyway.  And the plaster pawprint a vet made when our dog Flea died was broken in half.  I glued it back together.  It's got sentimental value.  Bill was upset when I told him it got broken.

I gave our microwave to one of the guys unloading our stuff.  This house came with a good microwave and he seemed to want it, so I told him to take it.  Hope he's happy with it.

My back hurts and there's a lot of work to be done.  But the bed is here and I've made it up so I can sleep on it tonight instead of the wretched air beds.  Oddly enough, I had an urge to listen to Olivia Newton John's 1975 album, Have You Never Been Mellow.  Probably because her voice is so sweet and soothing.  Some have likened it to being wrapped up in cotton candy and set out in the sun.  I just wanted to listen to something comforting.  "Have You Never Been Mellow" has always been a soothing song to me, except for the couple of unfortunate times I heard it done in a techno style.

The house is full of boxes to be opened and searched and there's still stuff that has to be reassembled or discarded.  Bill has been on the phone with our NC property manager and they told us again they know we didn't mess up the floor.  They have an estimate for the damage done by the moving company and the parent company is sending out an adjuster to check out the damage.  Bill talked to the guy and he seemed a lot nicer than the local movers did.  I have a feeling Bill is going to go on a rampage, though.  The driver that brought our stuff to us said that when he went to get our load, the local movers didn't have it ready.  It took him all day to get everything and when it was getting close to 5:00, they were bugging him to hurry up.  Sounds like the owner doesn't want to pay overtime and has a lazy crew... or something.  But we were not left with a good impression of them at all.

It's going to take a week or more to get all this stuff sorted out.  Hopefully we won't have to do this again next year.  I don't know how much more I'm going to get done today.  My body is protesting.

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