Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Movers are going to be here today...

Should be interesting, now that we're in a subdivision.  There's not as much parking as there was at our NC house.  It's also trash day.  The dogs will spend most of the day in the backyard, which should be alright.  They like being outside, even though it's hot here.

I'm praying this part of the move goes better than the last part.  At the very least, I hope my bed is properly constructed so I can get a decent night's sleep.  I managed to get a little more last night than I've been getting.

Last night, Bill and I watched more of those Tom Trails filmstrips.  They are very entertaining because they are so easy to snark on.  Bill was making hilarious cracks about the stilted dialogue and terrible acting.  Obviously, those filmstrips were made for and about the Native Americans who were adopted into LDS families back in the 60s and 70s.  I like how the theme song changes with each new chapter.

This is pretty funny.  It's obviously a spoof.

I have been reading  ex Mrs. Partridge Shirley Jones' memoir and I gotta say, it's trash with a capital T!  I thought Florence Henderson bordered a bit on raunchiness with her book-- especially when she confessed to having crab lice, but Shirley Jones definitely has her beat.  Moreover, she doesn't come across as nearly as nice and genuine as Flo does.  Any 79 year old woman who writes a book expounding about how big her sons' and stepson's junk is has got to be desperate for cash.  Besides that, her first husband, Jack Cassidy (father of the boys) was a complete narcissist.  Indeed, Jones herself comes off as a bit narcissistic too.  I can't wait to review it once I'm done reading.

Back when SNL was funny...

Before my time...

The movers should be here in less than an hour.  Time to get rolling and finish this last Army PCS move.  Hopefully, they will be a lot more professional than the last crew was.

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